Networking Flash Storage? – Fibre Channel was Always the Answer

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016
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Fibre Channel has been the ubiquitous connection of choice for connecting storage within the datacenter for nearly twenty years. The start of the sixth generation is being celebrated this year by introducing a staggering leap in performance and new features. We will discuss why Fibre Channel holds the enduring popularity it has as well as an in-depth look at the new Gen 6 features and what the future holds. We will discuss how Fibre Channel fits in with key datacenter initiatives such as virtualization, the pervasive adoption of SSD’s/Flash and the movement towards cloud architectures. Learning Objectives Introduce the audience to the updated Fibre Channel Technology Roadmap. This document serves as a reliable guide for suppliers, manufacturers and distributors of products to plan. Specific use cases will be discussed that illustrate how deploying Gen6 Fibre Channel today can accelerate I/O performance hungry applications even in your existing SAN infrastructure. Educate attendees on the backward compatibility nature of Fibre Channel with no user intervention required.