NextGen Connected Cloud Datacenter with programmable and flexible infrastructure

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021
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Many businesses like ours are challenged with on-demand infrastructure provisioning at the speed of software while the datacenter footprint is diminishing. Pure Storage as a company is getting out of the datacenter center business and are adopting more of a OpEx cost model with strict legal and data compliance guidelines for many of our business application pipelines. We chose to go with a programmable Infrastructure and Connected Cloud architecture with open APIs. Integrated model with Kubernetes on bare metal hosts that can burst to cloud with native storage layer providing a flexible infrastructure with predictable performance for core and edge applications. The storage layer in the infrastructure stack provides data management capabilities using Stork. Stork provides built-in high availability, data protection, data security and compliance with multi-cloud mobility. Automating the entire stack with k8s manifest helped us to provision and modify quickly on-demand the entire infrastructure stack.

  • Improve the data management and protection capabilities for stateful applications and data in a Kubernetes cluster with an enterprise class cloud native container storage.
  • Ability to migrate or replicate (active/passive or active/active) applications and corresponding data another Kubernetes cluster in different availability zones in the same cloud to a different cloud provider for edge computing .
  • Automating a flexible infrastructure using k8s manifests provides a more predictable performance for many commercial applications that run in Kubernetes clusters at the core and edge locations, respectively.

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