NVM Express Specifications: Mastering Today’s Architecture and Preparing for Tomorrow’s

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Monday, September 23, 2019
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Since the first release of NVMe 1.0 in 2011, the NVMe family of specifications continue to expand to support current and future storage markets, increasing the amount of new features and functionality. With that natural, organic growth, however, comes additional complexity.
In order to refocus on simplicity and ease-of-development, the NVM Express group has undertaken a massive effort to refactor the specification. The upcoming refactored specification - NVMe 2.0 - integrates the scalable and flexible NVMe over Fabrics architecture within the NVMe base specification, meeting the needs of platform designers, device vendors and developers.
But how can developers optimally design their products using the new NVMe 2.0 specification?
This session will provide attendees with the following insights:
• An overview of the existing specification structure, its logic and limitations
• Highlights on how developers use the current specification before refactoring
• Information showing how the refactored specification enables companies to architect their products with better awareness of future areas of innovation
• Details on how new features and functionalities will be included in the refactored specification
• Descriptions of how developers can leverage the refactored NVMe 2.0 specification to simply and efficiently bring new products to market
• Examination of the current projects and how to contribute

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