Overcoming the Inefficiencies of Today’s Routable Network Protocols

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Thursday, September 14, 2017
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Today’s routable fabrics are inherently inefficient, requiring significant switching software overhead to route data through the fabric to its intended destination. An unintended consequence of this inefficiency and excessive overhead in high load situations is lost packets, which compounds the latency and throughput problems. This presentation provides details of a new approach to network technology which overcomes the inefficiency and overhead within switched networks by eliminating the traditional switch altogether. An additional feature of this new technology is support for true multicast which will enable advances in network usage methodologies. These improvements bring lossless packet transfers, higher throughput, lower latency and improved determinism to storage networks and networking in general. As the industry moves to memory centric computing and distributed processing designs, the technology presented supports the scalability, reliability and throughput necessary to drive the next evolutionary step in our industry.

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