Programmable I/O Controllers as Data Center Sensor Networks: Build and Deliver High-Performance Network and Storage Solutions

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011
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Developing and deploying high-performance network and storage applications requires the right tools, right data and the right perspective to bring out maximum optimization. Maintaining that high-performance requires predicting bottlenecks and other performance issues to proactively manage them before they halt your network. Emulex programmable I/O controllers are uniquely positioned at each source and endpoint of data flows in the modern data center, and can provide proactive information to help you prevent issues and reduce downtime through a solution architected from the ground up: OneCommand Vision.

In this session, we will present a brief introduction to the evolution of the next-generation programmable I/O controllers along with a framework of tools and best practices for building, monitoring, managing and deploying host and embedded applications that maximize your network and storage capabilities. We will discuss the key areas that can sap your performance across your application configuration, driver stack, network integration and storage back-end. Additionally, we will present two case studies from our target developer program for storage partners that focus on the tools, tricks and APIs required to make you network and storage applications sing for cloud content delivery, network and storage appliances.