Samba for integrators 

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Wednesday, February 5, 2020
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Topics for this session will centre around:
Samba architecture:
What components does Samba consist of?
What protocols does Samba implement?
What process model does Samba utilize?  
Samba SMB server:
What file system features does Samba expect?
Common complications and performance issues
Samba features for NFS interoperability
Samba authentication:
Overview of authentication mechanisms in the Active Directory world
The role of Samba's winbind daemon: Authentication and idmapping
Winbind API and services for non-Samba SMB servers
Samba Remote Procedure Call services: 
Requirements for seamless Windows interop beyond SMB
Protocol description for RPC services (direct TCP, named pipes)
Samba components that help non-Samba SMB servers