Sanitization – Forensic-proofing Your Data Deletion

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Almost everyone understands that systems and data both have lifecycles that typically include a disposal phase (i.e., what you do when you do not need something anymore). Conceptually, data needs to be eliminated either on a system or entirely (everywhere stored) as part of this disposal. Simply hitting the delete-key may seem like the right approach, but the reality is that eliminating data can be difficult. Additionally, failing to correctly eliminate certain data can result in costly data breach scenarios. “Sanitization” is the term used to label actions taken to eliminate data with a given level of assurance. This assurance assumes a competent forensic profession with a full complement of forensic tools being used for data recovery attempts. To be successful, the sanitization techniques must be matched to the underlying storage and, in some cases, may require action prior to recording of any data. This session outlines the various forms of sanitization and methods used (e.g., clear, purge, and destruct). In addition, details are provided on representative storage to help explore what needs to be done, what can go wrong, and identify additional measures that may be needed to protect an organization. Lastly, the session will provide information on the state of sanitization standards and practices.

  • Understand sanitization concepts
  • Identify appropriate sanitization for data and system disposal
  • Recognize the implications and challenges associated with sanitization

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