SPDK Schedulers – Saving CPU cores in a polled mode storage application

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021
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Polled mode applications such as the Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK) NVMe over Fabrics target can demonstrate higher performance and efficiency compared to applications with a more traditional interrupt-driven threading model. But this performance and efficiency comes at a cost of increased CPU core utilization when the application is lightly loaded or idle. This talk will introduce a new SPDK scheduler framework which enables transferring work between CPU cores for purposes of shutting down or lowering frequency on cores when under-utilized. We will first describe the SPDK architecture for lightweight threads. Next, we will introduce the scheduler framework and how a scheduler module can collect metrics on the running lightweight threads to make scheduling decisions. Finally, we will share initial results comparing SPDK NVMe-oF target performance and CPU efficiency of a new scheduler module based on this framework with the default static scheduler.

  • Understand how work is scheduled in an SPDK polled mode application such as the NVMe over Fabrics target
  • Understand how SPDK scheduler modules under the new framework can decide if and when to move work between CPU cores
  • Understand how performance + CPU efficiency compare between the default scheduler and scheduler implemented in the new framework