Standardizing Storage Intelligence and the Performance and Endurance Enhancements it Provides

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Monday, September 21, 2015
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Storage Intelligence allows Solid State Storage to work together with applications to provide enhanced performance and endurance of storage devices. Today standardization of initial features is nearly complete in the SCSI standard and is moving forward in the NVMe standard with SATA standardization close behind that. This presentation will describe the details that Storage Intelligence is standardizing today and bringing to the standardization process in the near future. Current work involves intelligent placement of data on the storage device, intelligent management of garbage collection, and management of the over provisioning space on the storage device. Future work will add In Storage Compute in the SNIA Object Drive TWG. Each of these four features will be described in detail.

Learning Objectives

Define the features of Storage Intelligence
Define the state of standards development in SCSI, NVMe, and SATA
Why are additional controls over storage necessary