The State of SMI-S – The Standards Based Approach for Managing Infrastructure

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Monday, September 21, 2015
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SMI-S is the standards-based way to expose, modify, and consume the storage used in data centers. SMI-S can discover storage resources such as RAID groups and primordial disks, it can configure capabilities like thin provisioning, initiator groups and mappings for file shares or exports, and it can be used to monitor the ongoing operations of storage infrastructure.

These activities are cross-vendor and cover end-to-end operations from the host through the switching infrastructure to the storage controllers and down to the logical and physical storage devices. This session will appeal to Data Center Managers, Architects, and Development Managers, and will approach the topic from an ‘Operations’ perspective.

The audience will receive a fundamental grounding in the SMI-S and a clear understanding of its value in a production environment. This session will also address the newly created SMI-S getting started guide.

Learning Objectives

Understand Value Prop for SMI-S adherence
Know differing approaches to deploy SMI-S
Appreciate how consumers gather/user SMI-S data
Realistically Plan to develop an SMI-S provider