Storage Security: Proactive Threat Detection and Safeguarding of Data for enhanced Cyber Resiliency

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Saturday, December 5, 2020
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In today’s data-driven world, data is the new crown jewel and serves as one of the key asset for the growth of an organization. Data is also assisting organizations to discover new business insights, understand business trends, identify buying patterns, customer behavior and several such vital business patterns. With this exponential data growth and critical dependence, it is important to safeguard data from various cyberattacks from malware and ransomware. In recent times, the world has seen a surge in cyberattacks with malicious intentions targeted towards data making the need for cyber resiliency a must. In this talk, we present a vendor-neutral view of how storage and storage integrations with security suits can help businesses readily embrace Cyber Resiliency. The talk will present on the NIST cybersecurity framework for cyber resiliency and will deep dive on architecture, design, and integration of file and object storage with security incident event management (SIEM) that can help in threat detection (DETECT phase of the NIST framework) as well as taking a proactive response to safeguard the data (RESPOND stage of the NIST framework). The talk will exhibit practical examples along with proof of concept and will summarize on how storage can start playing a more critical role in safeguarding the crown jewel of any business - The Data!

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