SWFishJS – A SwordFish JS Library for SRM Developers

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Thursday, September 14, 2017
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With the emergence of Hyper-converged infrastructure, the storage management has become more integrated with the server management frameworks. The scalability requirement of today’s cloud-scale infrastructure makes it more complex. SNIA Swordfish storage management specification defines a comprehensive, RESTful API for storage management that addresses block, file, object storage, and storage-network infrastructure. It is an extension over DMTF platform management specification, Redfish Today, Storage Resource Management applications are commonly delivered as Web application on client browser. To integrate swordfish capability to such application we are developing a common library of storage resource objects which abstracts the Swordfish APIs and provide easy to use objects that can be directly used in client applications. The current language supported is Java script and we plan to make it as an open source JS library that enables developers to build management application quickly. This presentation discusses our learning, challenges, and findings in developing this storage resources objects over the Swordfish specification.

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