Tape’s Role in the Cloud

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011
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There is no doubt cloud storage is having a profound impact on IT and how technologies are deployed and consumed. Tape is the strong, silent partner to the cloud – very much present and in use, but completely transparent to the end-user. Chris will discuss how cloud storage’s consumption model is built around ease of use, flexibility and cost savings, and why tape is one of the most logical and cost effective tiers for storing data in the cloud; particularly as the cost difference between tape and disk increases as data sets grow. He will review the key benefits of tape, reveal why it is quickly becoming the media of choice for cloud providers, and provide real-world examples of tape’s role in the cloud.

Learning Objectives

Learn about the two key benefits of tape for cloud storage providers: cost savings (CapEx, OpEx, power & cooling) and multiple media platforms for reliability/continuity.
Learn why tape has become a popular choice for cloud providers in relation to disaster recovery scenarios.
A review of cloud storage provider best practices and how to utilize the right mix of media to guarantee that protected data is available to be restored when needed, including the need for offline