TCP/IO Optimization for Block Storage

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Monday, April 16, 2007
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With all of the interest in using IP storage for servers, business continuance, and disaster recovery, the various IP storage protocols such as iSCSI, iFCP, and FCIP have gained increasing attention from storage networking professionals and administrators. TCP/IP provides the transport for these upper level protocols. Knowledge of TCP/IP and how it applies to block storage and bulk data transfers is critical for optimal deployment of IP storage solutions. This session will provide an overview of TCP/IP and its use in transporting block storage. The primary focus will be on the behavior of the TCP/IP layer itself. The session will review the effects of latency, packet drops, congestion, and high bandwidth links, as well as provide a discussion of block data transport optimizations and TCP improvements to mitigate these effects.

Learning Objectives

TCP/IP Protocol and Behavior Overview
Exploration of specific TCP/IP modifications for use with block storage
Overview of FCP specific acceleration techniques such as write command acceleration and tape acceleration by gateway devices