The True Value of Storage Drives with Built-in Transparent Compression: Far Beyond Lower Storage Cost

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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This talk will reveal that, beyond reducing the data storage cost, emerging solid-state drives with built-in transparent compression bring exciting but largely unexplored opportunities to innovate the data storage management software stack (e.g., relational database, key-value store, and filesystem). The simple idea of integrating lossless data compression into storage drives is certainly not new and can trace back to decades ago. However, high-performance PCIe solid-state drives with built-in transparent compression have remained elusive on commercial market until recently. In addition to the straightforward storage cost saving, such a new breed of storage drives decouples the logical storage space utilization efficiency from the physical flash storage space utilization efficiency. As a result, it allows the data management software purposely “waste” the logical storage space in return for employing much simpler data structures and algorithms, without sacrificing the physical storage cost. Naturally, simpler data structures and algorithms come with higher performance and/or lower CPU/memory usage. This creates a large but unexplored space for re-thinking the data management software stack design. This talk will present our recent work on exploring this new territory in the context of relational database and key-value store. In particular, this talk will: introduce the basics of storage drives with built-in transparent compression and their implementation challenges discuss how one could configure or even slightly modify MySQL and PostgreSQL (the two most popular relational database) in order to significantly benefit from such storage drives in terms of both performance and cost, and present a new open-source key-value store that is created from the scratch in order to take full advantage of such storage drives, which can achieve higher performance and efficiency than any existing key-value store solutions. As storage drives with built-in transparent compression are quickly entering the commercial market, it is our hope that this talk could inspire the data storage community to develop many more elegant ideas that can make future data management stack fully embrace and benefit from such storage drives.

Learning Objectives

Learn the fundamentals of storage drives with built-in transparent compression,Understand the rationale behind the promise of innovating data management software stack upon storage drives with built-in transparent compression,Learn the specific design techniques that enable relational database and key-value store take full advantage of storage drives with built-in transparent compression

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