Using CDMI to Create/Backup, Restore and Replicate Storage Objects and Data Across Storage Vendors and Cloud Storage (Swift, S3, Ceph)

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Monday, September 24, 2018
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Today all disaster recovery solutions getting shipped communicates with APIs from different vendor devices to retrieve information and perform management operations on it. Even the cloud interfaces are specific to each Cloud Storage. This paper proposes to use the Open Industry standard of CDMI to seamlessly move Data and Objects across different vendor arrays and cloud storage and also move data across protocols (NAS -SAN, vice versa) as long as they conform to the CDMI standard. CDMI standardizes CRUD operations, Identity and access control, handling Metadata, Interoperability with NAS and other cloud protocols and provide converged data management across the board.

Learning Objectives:
1. Migration options across multiple vendor arrays
2. What is CDMI and how they standardize storage management across vendors
3. How CDMI can be used to just migrate Data and make it available across any protocol (File, Block, Cloud, etc)

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