What Happens when Compute meets Storage? – Computational Storage TWG

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019
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A growing trend in the market is capacity of data. This data growth is creating challenges within modern storage infrastructures and a new way to think of data is needed. The SNIA Computational Storage TWG was formed in October of 2018 to address this opportunity for the Storage industry to use innovative technologies that bring computational capabilities closer to or within the storage device. The goal of the TWG is to develop an architecture and set of definitions that allow for common communication about the problem set as well as a standardized interface between the Computational Storage device and host or peer devices. Ultimately the TWG will drive standardization of the necessary Computational Storage interfaces across the industry, contribute to and drive the development of software necessary to enable the usages, and promote the education of the industry regarding Computational Storage. This session will provide an overview of Computational Storage, the focus areas of the TWG, and the opportunities for engagement with the rest of the industry in this space.