SNIA EMEA Speakers Directory

Are you a storage expert? Could you represent the industry?

SNIA EMEA is looking for subject matter experts who can represent the storage industry at speaking engagements, roundtables and live webcasts. Topics will all be storage technology related and will primarily be technical in nature. SNIA EMEA will provide the content.

What is the Speakers Directory?

The speakers directory consists of approved volunteers in EMEA to deliver vendor-neutral education to industry conferences, events, and webcasts across the region, and is a key part of the SNIA EMEA technology education program.

Members of the SNIA EMEA Speakers Directory, must complete a registration form, be approved by the SNIA EMEA Board and must accept the associated guidelines below.

Recruiting / Approval Process:

  1. Complete the webform with your details. Preference will be given to employees of SNIA EMEA member companies but you are not required to be a member to be approved.
  2. All submissions will be reviewed and approved or rejected by the SNIA EMEA Board. Additional information may be requested to assess qualifications.
  3. Approval will be notified by email and if approved your details will be listed on the Speaker Directory on the SNIA EMEA website (no contact details made public).
  4. Speaking opportunities identified by SNIA EMEA will be offered to those speakers that match the brief based on technical expertise, geographical location, language, and availability.


SNIA EMEA will provide the presentation content and any associated background knowledge to ensure familiarity, including webcasts, videos, or access to the author.


  • Speaking opportunities are solely for the purpose of representing SNIA and the content will be strictly vendor neutral. All speakers are required to maintain a vendor neutral position and use their expertise for educational purposes. No references to companies or products will be permitted.
  • Speakers will be permitted to disclose their name, job title, and company once at the start of each presentation or webcast.
  • No company clothing to be worn when speaking at events.
  • Speakers can represent SNIA on the same day as representing their company. This means you can represent your company and the industry on the same event agenda.
  • No payments or expenses can be claimed.
  • SNIA EMEA reserves the right to select speakers on the basis of their experience and their willingness to abide by the guidelines.