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About Us

SNIA Europe is a non-profit industry association funded by membership subscriptions and managed by a locally elected Board of Directors. SNIA Europe is the European chapter of the global SNIA organisation. 


SNIA Europe's mission is to advance the adoption of storage related technologies by promoting SNIA standards and best practices, and educating the market from a vendor-neutral perspective. 


SNIA Europe’s vision covers three focus areas:

Visibility: We will elevate our status as the leading voice of authority on all aspects of current technology

Technical Advocacy: We will provide value for all IT and storage practitioners in our region by creating a vibrant community, and engaging outreach programs, in order to disseminate educational content on relevant standards and technologies. The objective is to empower businesses in the management of their information and accelerate the adoption and deployment of contemporary storage technology.

Member Value: We will provide value to our members by creating tangible opportunities for them to be recognised as industry leaders by the community, and identify appropriate circumstances for them to profile their company to a wider audience                 

Value Proposition

SNIA Europe provides storage related technology education and standards which are vendor-neutral, provided for the benefit of end user customers, thereby creating a more informed market that has greater confidence in adopting and deploying our members technology and services.

SNIA Europe is the independent voice of the industry on all aspects of contemporary storage related technology and how it impacts and benefits the customer’s business.

SNIA Europe acts as the facilitator for the European IT community to come together and share knowledge, ideas, and experiences for the benefit of the IT practitioner.

Storage Networking Industry Association Europe



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