SNIA Europe Logos


Members may display the special membership logo on their website, marketing collateral, trade show signage and educational material to demonstrate their industry commitment to their partners and customers.

Download the SNIA Europe Member logos here.

Terms & Conditions for Usage of the SNIA Europe Member Logo

ONLY THE “MEMBER OF SNIA EUROPE” LOGO MAY BE USED BY MEMBERS. The SNIA Europe logo without the “Member of” text may be used only with the express written permission of SNIA Europe.  When using the "Member of SNIA Europe" logo or name, members may not explicitly or implicitly suggest that it implies any kind of endorsement by SNIA Europe.

The "Member of SNIA Europe" logo may not be altered in any way. The size of the logo may be adjusted to fit the design, but must be of sufficient size to be clearly legible.

The "Member of SNIA Europe" logo should normally be reproduced in full colour. If reproducing in black & white refer to the   SNIA Style Guide 
  for acceptable versions.

When using the logo on a website, it must be hyperlinked to

Colour specifications for use of the logo in print material are:

  Pantone Web Mix CMYK
SNIA Purple PMS 2617   #54237F 79-100-0-15
SNIA Lime PMS 389  #D4E04C 20-0-85-0
SNIA Grey PMS Cool Gray 9 #E8E8EA 01-0-51-0


Discontinue use of the logo after membership cancellation or suspension.

Upon cancellation or suspension of membership, the former member will remove the logo from all websites and print collateral associated with the former member. Any remaining stocks of print collateral containing the logo should be destroyed upon termination of membership. Any member that continues to use the logo after suspension or cancellation of membership shall be deemed to be in violation of SNIA Europe copyrights and appropriate action will be taken.