2014 Data Storage Innovation Conference Presentations

Can Enterprise Storage Fix HadoopJohn Webster Download (976 Kb) Introduction to Analytics & Big Data - HadoopThomas Rivera Download (2.88 Mb) Transforming Cloud Infrastructure to Support Big Data Storage and WorkflowsJay Migliaccio Download (3.03 Mb)
Applied Storage Technologies for Performance Optimized Big Analytics Hubbert Smith Download (1.35 Mb) Hadoop-based Open Source eDiscoverySujee Maniyam Download (997 Kb)  


Private Cloud Storage for Different Enterprise Compute Clouds John Dickinson Download (6.55 Mb) The Cloud Hybrid “Homerun” – Life Beyond The Hype Greg Schulz Download (483 Kb) Delivering a Cloud Architecture Alex McDonald Download (1.40 Mb)
Leveraging the Cloud for Scalable and Simplified Data Storage Connor Fee Download (2.19 Mb) Reaching to the CloudSubo Guha Download (1.13 Mb) Choosing a File Sync and Share Solution Darryl Pace Download (1.84 Mb)
Combining SNIA Cloud, Tape and Container Format Technologies for Long Term RetentionSam Fineberg
Simona Rabinovici-Cohen
Download (1.99 Mb)
Database-as-a-Service vs. Do-It-Yourself MySQL in the Cloud Cashton Coleman Download (257 Kb) Recover 2 Cloud - A Common Sense Approach to Disaster RecoveryRaj Krishnamurthy Download (1.19 Mb)
Key Criterias when Building ExaScale Data CenterPhilippe Nicolas Download (3.40 Mb) S3 API Deep Storage Extensions for Hadoop Stacy Schwarz-Gardner Download (902 Kb) OpenStack Cloud StorageSam Fineberg Download Watch Video(1.04 Mb)

Virtualization Drives New Approaches to BackupNikolay Yamakawa Download (1.22 Mb) Protecting Data in the "Big Data" WorldThomas Rivera Download (1.02 Mb) New Challenges - New Solutions with LTO-6 Technology and LTFS Shawn Brune Download (787 Kb)
Data Protection in Transition to the CloudDavid Chapa Download (442 Kb) Reducing Backup and Increasing Performance When Data Reaches the Terabyte RangeMark McKinnon Download (882 Kb) Vendor Neutral Archive, the How and WhyGary Woodruff Download (1.66 Mb)
True Data Disaster RecoveryMatthew Kinderwater Download (2.70 Mb)    

How To Get The Most Out of Flash DeploymentsEric Burgener Download (329 Kb) The Future Technology for NAND FlashSylvain Dubois Download (7.43 Mb)  

Enabling Data Infrastructure Return on Innovation – The Other ROIGreg Schulz Download Watch Video (451 Kb) Architecting with Flash for Web-Scale Enterprise StorageAndy Warfield Download Watch Video (2.3 Mb) Software Defined Storage @ MicrosoftSiddhartha Roy Download Watch Video (1.47 Mb)
Simplify Branch Office Recovery and Disaster Avoidance with Riverbed Rob Whiteley Download (3.39 Mb) Disrupting the Storage Industry? - How Small Startups Can Change the Traditional, Stuffy Storage LandscapeAdrian Cockcroft Download Watch Video (1.0 Mb) The Role of High Performance Storage in Accelerating ApplicationsAndy Walls Download (680 Kb)
Customer Case Study: Multi-Terabyte Database Backup and Restores Over High Speed Marty Stogsdill Download (1.01 Mb) Scale–out Object Store for PB/hr Backups and Long Term Digital ArchiveGideon Senderov Download (1.55 Mb)  

Benchmarking the New Storage TechnologiesBob Hansen Download (1.68 Mb)    

Consumerization of IT - What is Right for Your Organization?Marty Foltyn Download (1.79 Mb) Reaction Management - Trend for All Technology ProfessionalsDavid Deming Download (1.67 Mb)  

Interoperable Key Management for StorageSubhash Sankuratripati Download (3.93 Mb) Practical Secure Storage: A Vendor Agnostic OverviewWalt Hubis Download (737 Kb) Best Practices for Cloud Security and Privacy Eric Hibbard Download (744 Kb)
Implementing Stored-Data Encryption Michael Willett Download (3.01 Mb)    

Bring back the flexibility of the cloud with SDS and Open Source Michael Letschin Download (422 Kb) Software-Defined Storage in Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2SW Worth Pending Deploying Software Defined Storage for the Enterprise with CephPaul Von Stamwitz Download (641 Kb)
Software Defined Storage - Storage Management Analytics Ramani Routray Download (1.15 M) The Meaning and Value of Software Defined StorageDoug Voigt Download (1.34 Mb) Thinking Outside the Box with SoftwareYoram Novick Download (566 Kb)
Building Multi-Purpose Storage Infrastructure Using a Software-Defined SystemPaul Evans Download (2.87 Mb) Software Defined Storage – the New Storage PlatformAnil Vasudeva Download (2.15 Mb)  

Storage in the DIMM SocketAdrian Proctor Download (1.44 Mb) Storage Speed and Human BehaviorEric Herzog Download (833 Kb) SSD Synthetic Enterprise Application WorkloadsEden Kim Download (3.27 Mb)
Benefits of Flash in Enterprise StorageDavid Dale Download (517 Kb) The New Flash Architecture ... Wait ... There's a New One Already?Marco Coulter Download (5.92 Mb) Paving the Way to the Non-Volatile Memory FrontierDoug Voigt Download (484 Kb)
Utilizing Ultra-Low Latency within Enterprise ArchitecturesPage Tagizad Download Watch Video(2.14 Mb) Changing the Economics of Flash Storage Delivering Flash at the Price of Disk Mike Davis Download (878 Kb)  

Storing 85 Petabytes of Cloud Data without Going BrokeGleb Budman Download (4.44 Mb) Extending the Benefits of HDD: Breaking Down Walls All Storage Vendors FaceKeith Hageman Download (615 Kb) Project Fermi - A Highly Available NAS Gateway Built from Open Source SoftwareDan Pollack Download (353 Kb)
A New Strategy for Data Management in a Time of Hyper ChangeDavid Langley Download (2.18 Mb) Rightsizing Tiered Storage SystemsOctavian Paul Rotaru Download (414 Kb) The Root Cause of Unstructured Data Problem Is Not What You ThinkBruce Thompson Download (877 Kb)
What is Old is New Again: Storage TieringGideon Senderov Download (797 Kb) Who Says Data Center Storage Has to Be Inefficient?Larry Chisvin Download (2.11 Mb)  

Automated Methodology for Storage Consolidation & Optimization for Large InfrastructuresAlok Jain
Ram Ayyakad
Download (859 Kb)
SMI-S and Storage in Your Data CenterChris Lionetti Download (621 Kb) Turning a High-Wire Juggling Act into a Walk in the ParkLavan Jeeva Download (267 Kb)
Performance and Innovation of Storage Advances through SCSI Express Marty Czekalski
Greg McSorley
Download (988 Kb)

Next Generation Storage Networking for Next Generation Data CentersDennis Martin Download (855 Kb) Gen 6 Fibre Channel is Coming: What You Need to KnowCraig Carlson Download (1.02 Mb) Forming Storage Grids Using iSCSI Felix Xavier Download (567 Kb)
Use Cases for iSCSI and FCoE: Where Each Makes SenseJeff Asher Download (728 Kb) SAS: The Fabric for Storage Solutions Marty Czekalski
Greg McSorley
Download (3.91 Mb)

Emerging Storage and Memory TechnologiesThomas Coughlin
Edward Grochowski
Download (1.97 Mb)
Storage Systems Can Now Get ENERGY STAR Labels and Why You Should CareDennis Martin Download (987 Kb) The Internet of Things is a Huge Opportunity for Object StorageTom Leyden Download (977 Kb)
Building Open Source Storage Products with CephNeil Levine Download (1.46 Mb) The Curious Case of Database DeduplicationGurmeet Goindi Download (336 Kb) Massively Scalable File StoragePhilippe Nicolas Download (999 Kb)
SMB Remote File Protocol (Including SMB 3.0)John Reed Download (837 Kb) Practical Steps to Implementing pNFS and NFSv4.1Alex McDonald Download (957 Kb) Seagate Kinetic Open Storage Platform Ali Fenn
James Hughes
Download (2.40 Mb)

What’s Your Shape? 5 Steps to Understanding Your Virtual WorkloadIrfan Ahmad Download (1.13 Mb) Transforming IT into an Innovative Strategic Augie Gonzalez
Dustin Fennel
Download (1.24 Mb)
How to Achieve Agility and Redundancy in the Hybrid CloudBryan Bond
Pat O'Day
Download (218 Kb)
Flash Hypervisor: The Savior to Storage I/O Bottlenecks?Bala Narasimhan Download (571 Kb)    


Case for Flash Storage - How It Can Benefit Your EnterpriseDejan Kocic Download (274 Kb) Object Storage Best PracticesTom Leyden Download (2.00 Mb) NPIV - Optimizing the Storage Virtualization in ServersKiran Anumalasetty Download (483 Kb)
Storage Industy forging Academic AlliancesRamin Elahi Download (1.28 Mb) Storage Security Best PracticesEric Hibbard Download (578 Kb) Object Storage - Key to Big Data InfrastructureAnil Vasudeva Pending