2017 SDC India presentations

2017 SDC India - GUEST SPEAKER Sessions
Codes for Big Data: Error-Correction for Distributed Storage

Prof. P. Vijay Kumar


Software Defined Storage and Why It Will Continue to be Relevant

Amar Tumballi


The Power of Edge

Anand Ghatnekar


New Age Data CenterChirag Shah    

2017 SDC India - DAY ONE Track A
Object Storage – A New Dimension in Data StoragePreetha Shelvadi SwordFish JS – A SwordFish JS Library for Faster SRM DevelopmentVinod Eswaraprasad DOWNLOAD Swiss Knife for Storage Ecosystem Management? - A Comparative Study of Swordfish, Redfish and SMI-SAnand Nagarajan DOWNLOAD
Definition Driven Development, an Approach to Mapping and Integrating Unknown Storage SystemsRohan Rhishikesh Kanade DOWNLOAD Is Open Source driving the Evolution of the Storage Industry?Amish Vishwakarma DOWNLOAD OpenStack Cinder: Behind the ScenesAnil Bidari DOWNLOAD
Home for the Gypsies: Storage for NoSQL DatabasesAtish Kathpal DOWNLOAD Application of Deep Learning in Data StorageChampak Kumar Dutta DOWNLOAD  

2017 SDC India - DAY ONE Track B
Data Services for Hybrid CloudAmeya Usgaonkar DOWNLOAD Backup and Recovery - Journey Into the CloudsKarthik Rangamani DOWNLOAD How to Ensure OpenStack Swift & Amazon S3 Conformance for Storage Products and Services Supporting Multiple Object APIsAnkit Agrawal DOWNLOAD
Plan and Deploy: Data Protection and Availability

Kaushal Devater


Cloud SpannerRohit Gupta DOWNLOAD SaaS Application Data Protection Solution – Why it is needed?Saurabh Singh DOWNLOAD
Analytics Simplified: Big Data & Analytics with Unified File and Object

Sandeep R Patil



2017 SDC India - DAY TWO Track A
Next phase of evolution in Storage Industry: Impact of Machine LearningUdayan Singh DOWNLOAD Deep Dive into Ceph RBDVenky Shankar DOWNLOAD Next Generation File Replication System In Gluster FS

Mohammed Rafi KC


Challenges Faced While Building Enterprise Block Storage Application on Top of the OFED StackLokesh Arora DOWNLOAD Oxymoron: Computing on Encrypted DataSrinivasan NarayanamurthyDOWNLOAD Ransomware - Threats to Storage (NAS/SAN/Cloud) and Possible MitigationAnupam Jagdish Chomal DOWNLOAD
Blockchain Based Auditing and Verification of Data Stored on Object StorageAnbazhagan Mani Orchestration and IO Performance Optimization using Storage AnalyticsSumit Shovon Mitra DOWNLOAD  

2017 SDC India - DAY TWO Track B
Why iSER is now, and NVMeF the future of Ethernet Data centers

Subhojit Roy


CAPI Flash Integration with Alluxio for Big Data FrameworksKavana Nandikur Bhat, DOWNLOAD Consideration for Adopting NVMeF for Enterprise StorageSanjeev Kumar DOWNLOAD
CCICI - Standards-based and Interoperable Clouds for IndiaProf Dinkar Sitaram The Challenge of AadhaarProf K Gopinath Hardware Acceleration for RAID5/6, Deduplication and Security for parallel workloadsVikas Aggarwal DOWNLOAD
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) on Premise Storage and BeyondAmit Motiwale DOWNLOAD Application of Machine Learining in StorageSNIA India Technical Council