Special Events at SDC 2019

SMB3 Interoperability Lab

SMB3 Plugfest

September 22-26, 2019, Co-located with SDC
The purpose of this Interoperability Lab (formally known as the SMB3 Plugfest) is for vendors to bring their implementations of SMB3 to test, identify, and fix bugs in a collaborative setting with the goal of providing a forum in which companies can develop interoperable products.  The SNIA provides and supports networks and infrastructure for the Interoperability Lab, creating a collaborative framework for testing.  The participants of the Interoperability Lab work together to define the testing process, assuring that objectives are accomplished.

The SNIA SMB3 Interoperability Lab offers:

  • The latest Windows client and server software from Microsoft, including test suites that help verify interoperability on various features of SMB3 protocols
  • Technical support from SMB3 engineers to look at traces and help with diagnosing problems
  • Interoperability Lab participants are covered by a non-disclosure agreement and entry is restricted to registrants only
  • As in previous years, we will open the Interoperability Lab to all SDC attendees for a reception on Monday evening, as an open house for an insider’s view 

If you are reluctant to participate because you feel that your SMB implementation is "not ready", you should still participate! The SMB3 Interoperability Lab is also a development opportunity, not just a testing opportunity. Implementations still in development are encouraged to participate.  It's a great opportunity to get help and learn from the experts!

How Your Company Can Participate

A primary representative from each company that wishes to participate must complete the SNIA SMB3 Interoperability Lab Company Registration.  The fee to participate in the SMB3 Interoperability Lab is $695 for each Interoperability Lab participant. This includes full access to the Storage Developer Conference sessions and meals. This special discounted rate is limited to participants that will actively participate and test, working with the other SMB3 Interoperability Lab participants. If any of your Interoperability Lab Engineers already have an SDC Conference pass from being a speaker or through sponsorship then there is no additional fee to for them to participate, however the SNIA SMB3 Interoperability Lab Company Registration form still needs to be completed.

Once the online registration form has been completed the company primary representative will be sent a registration code which will allow the company’s Interoperability Lab Engineers to register for SDC at the special discounted rate.

For more information, please email Arnold Jones or call 407-574-7273.

SMB3 Interoperability Lab Logistics

The SNIA will provide and support the networks and infrastructure for the SNIA SMB3 Interoperability Lab, creating a collaborative framework for testing.  A platform test bench consists of a six foot table work area, a standard 110 volt 15-amp power drop and network connection. Each participating company will be provided with one test bench for each platform they plan to test.  For special power requirements please contact the SNIA for additional costs.

Interoperability Lab testing starts on Sunday Sept. 22nd at 8:30am, with time available for setup on Saturday Sept. 21st starting at 1:00pm.  The Interoperability Lab will conclude and teardown will begin starting at 1:00pm on Thursday Sept. 26th, with everything removed from the room by 5:00pm.

Please note that participants are responsible for shipping and any hotel drayage arrangements and charges, etc., regarding their equipment.

SNIA Swordfish Workshop

Included in your registration, SNIA’s Storage Management Initiative is hosting its second SNIA Swordfish™ Workshop at this year’s SDC. Visit interactive workstations of actual Swordfish implementations and work with open source software developed in support of the storage management standard. Stop by and cast your net – it’s time to go fishing for a better way to manage your storage needs in the data center. 

Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019: 2:50 PM – 3:05PM and 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM, Mezzanine