Technology Communities

SNIA Forums and Initiatives primarily focus on technology promotion and technical marketing activities. Forums do not develop technologies or specifications, though Initiatives can. SNIA's Forums and Initiatives include:

Cloud Storage Technologies Initiative (CSTI)

Data Protection & Privacy Committee (DPPC)

Networking Storage Forum (NSF)

Green Storage Initiative (GSI)

Storage Management Initiative (SMI)

Compute, Memory and Storage Initiative (CMSI)


Their primary goals include the following:

  • Promote adoption of the technology
  • Publish information and educate customers and consultants
  • Identify and document customer requirements
  • Prioritize requirements for work in SNIA technical working groups or other formal standards bodies
  • Establish supplier and customer contacts
  • Conduct events and demonstrations
  • Issue press releases, web postings and other communications

Download the Technology Communities overview brochure