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Do you want to be involved in the exciting developments around deploying computational storage, persistent memory, and solid state technology?  Do you want to be seen as a leader in the fast-moving journey to demolish the performance gap that currently exists between servers and storage? If so, you definitely want to join the Compute, Memory, and Storage Initiative (CMSI)!

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The mission of the CMSI is to foster the growth and success of the market for Computational Storage, Persistent Memory, Solid State Storage, and other advanced storage technologies in both consumer and commercial environments. 

The CMSI goals are to:

  • Become the recognized authority for storage made from solid state devices and persistent memory, potentially augmented by local computational capabilities
  • Educate the vendor and user communities
  • Perform market outreach that highlights the virtues of such storage
  • Determine what technical work should be performed within SNIA Technical Work Groups (TWGs) to further acceptance
  • Collaborate with other industry associations via the SNIA Strategic Alliance Committee on related technical work in which they are involved
  • Coordinate with SNIA Regional Affiliates to ensure that the impact of the SNIA CMSI is felt worldwide

CMSI Membership Benefits

  • Collaborate with industry leaders to define the direction of computational storage, persistent memory, and solid state storage solutions
  • Engage with other industry organizations and standards groups to stay current on technology trends
  • Network with key industry media and analysts, representing CMSI positions
  • Develop expertise by working with users to gain first-hand knowledge of their technology requirements
  • Gain visibility by participating in industry conferences, authoring whitepapers, and speaking at tradeshows and on webcasts

CMSI Membership Levels:

Strategic Membership (Voting) - $5000 annual dues
Associate Membership (Non-Voting) - $3,000 annual dues
Startup Membership (Non-Voting) - $1,000 annual dues

Individuals and Non-profit Institutional Members - $300 annual dues

Note: Only current members of the SNIA are eligible for membership in the Compute, Memory, and Storage Initiative.