Educate - Influence - Standardize

SNIA’s Cloud Storage Technologies Initiative (CSTI) is a group of industry experts that join together to promote the adoption, growth and standardization of storage in cloud infrastructures, including its data services, orchestration and management, and the promotion of portability of data in multi-cloud environments. The CSTI supports and works closely with the SNIA Cloud Storage Technical Work Group (TWG). This team developed SNIA’s Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI), which is an open international (ISO) standard, designed to work alongside OpenStack Swift and Amazon S3 Models.  CDMI goes beyond the functional interface that applications will use to create, retrieve, update and delete data elements from the Cloud and adds powerful data management capabilities that include administration and management of user accounts, security access, monitoring and billing information, and even provides management of storage that is accessible by other protocols.

To learn more about SNIA’s CSTI activities, download the CSTI InfographicCSTI fact sheet and visit http://www.snia.org/forums/csti

If you are interested in the technologies that drive cloud storage, the CSTI invites you to join our growing list of members.