Why Join CSTI

Educate - Influence - Standardize

With a renewed focus, an updated charter, and a commitment to ongoing educational and marketing initiatives, the CSTI continues to have a major impact on the industry. Our commitment: Promote the adoption, growth and interoperability of cloud storage.

The CSTI undertakes:

  • Marketing, outreach and education via webcasts, white papers, published articles and blogs 
  • Support and advocate for the SNIA Cloud Storage TWG (Technical Work Group), the ISO CDMI standard, and promote SMI and SNIA Swordfish™ storage management standards
  • Participate and run interoperability Plugfests, Open Source initiatives and CDMI standards conformance testing 
  • Collaborate with other industry associations 

As a member of SNIA CSTI, you have the opportunity to:

  • Educate vendor and user communities on cloud storage, data services and orchestration
  • Support and promote cloud business models and architectures such as OpenStack, Software Defined Storage (SDS), Kubernetes, and object storage
  • Understand requirements (such as scale-out) from Hyperscalers and incorporate them into updated standards and programs
  • Support and promote storage technologies for cloud infrastructure providers

Let your voice be heard- Cloud storage standards and interoperability are critical to the future of the data center. Don’t be left out of the work that the CSTI is doing to promote the adoption, growth and standardization of storage in cloud infrastructures, including its data services, orchestration and management, and the promotion of portability of data in multi-cloud environments. Learn more by downloading the CSI fact sheetJoin today.