Data Protection and Capacity Optimization (DPCO) Committee

Our Goals

The SNIA Data Protection and Capacity Optimization (DPCO) Committee was created to foster the growth and success of the market for data protection and capacity optimization technologies. Data protection means assurance that data is usable and accessible for authorized purposes only, with acceptable performance, and in compliance with applicable requirements. Capacity optimization refers to methods which reduce the consumption of space require to store a data set and its scope and is not limited to secondary storage.

Storage Security Data Protection Technical White Paper 

The SNIA Storage Security TWG just released the new Storage Security: Data Protection whitepaper that provides an overview of data protection and the associated guidance for the ISO/IEC 27040:2015 (Information technology - Security techniques - Storage security), which is a standard that provides detailed technical guidance on controls and methods for securing storage systems and ecosystems. Data protection is an essential element of storage security that can be nuanced, depending on industry requirements (e.g., storage, security, and privacy). This can be seen in the ISO/IEC 27040 (Storage security) standard, which while not directly addressing data protection, does identify relevant security controls. To raise awareness of data protection, this whitepaper highlights the relevant data protection guidance from ISO/IEC 27040 and then builds upon it, covering topics such as data classification, retention and preservation, data authenticity, and data disposition. As part of this expanded material, SNIA provides guidance and considerations that augment the existing storage security standard. 

Download the white paper here.

DPCO Product Selection Guide (PSG) 

The Data Protection and Capacity Optimization Product Selection Guide ("PSG") is now available online to the storage and networking community as a convenient and easy to use product discovery tool.

The SNIA Data Protection and Capacity Optimization (DPCO) Committee has developed an online Product Selection Guide to help buyers compare capabilities of products offered by SNIA member companies. Due to the popularity of our previous hardcopy Buyer’s Guide, the DPCO Committee has developed an online guide to stay abreast with the rapidly evolving data protection market. This Product Selection Guide (PSG) will allow vendors to reach a broader set of potential customers with the most current information.

All SNIA member companies are invited to submit their products for inclusion in this online Guide. We are accepting Product Selection Guide entries for three categories of storage products. They are:

  • Backup and Recovery Products
  • Capacity Optimized Storage Products
  • Replication Products