About the Data Protection & Privacy Committee

Our Goals

The Data Protection & Privacy Committee (DPPC) exists to further the awareness and adoption of data protection technology, and to provide education, best practices and technology guides on all matters related to the protection and privacy of data. The technology behind data protection will remain a primary focus for the DPPC. However, there is now also a wider context which is being driven by increasing legislation to keep personal data private and the term data protection also extends into areas of resilience to cyber attack and to threat management.

This new charter extends the remit of the DPPC from being entirely focused on data protection technology and into areas of data privacy, regulatory compliance and a more generic view of protecting data, using the collaboration with the Security TWG.

How to join

Login to SNIA and request to join the DPPC Governing Committee OR Email Paul Talbut (askdppc@snia.org) OR Ask your SNIA primary representative to make a general enquiry to SNIA.