NSF Membership

The mission of the SNIA Networking Storage Forum (NSF) is to drive the broad adoption and awareness of storage networking solutions and:

  • Promote networked storage solutions, relevant standards, and the implementation of these standards, including FCoE, iSCSI, NFS, NVMe-oF, SMB, and Hyperconverged (HCI) solutions
  • Highlight the value of storage networking to the industry and its customers
  • Educate vendors, end users, and system integrators about storage systems, networking, and standards
  • Leverage SNIA groups and events to support SNIA’s goal to advance storage and information technology
  • Advocate customer needs and reflect user concerns back into the industry standards development process 

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Thank you for your interest in the Networking Storage Forum (NSF). To become a member of NSF please complete the form below and someone will contact you to complete the membership process.

NSF Annual Membership Levels and Dues

NOTE: These are rolling memberships that start when you enroll; these memberships may or may not expire at the same time as your SNIA membership.

Vendor, voting $5,000
Vendor, non-voting $3,000
Vendor Startup, non-voting $1,000
End User Company, non-voting $1,000
Educational/Non-profit, non-voting $  300
Individual, non-voting $  100

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