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The Ethernet Storage Forum (ESF) is committed to providing vendor-neutral education on the advantages and adoption of Ethernet storage networking technologies with a focus on:

  • The changing landscape of file-based storage solutions and protocols including NFS and SMB    
  • Technologies and best practices for Ethernet networked storage, block (iSCSI, FCoE) and file (NFS, SMB) and other object storage protocols
  • Emerging technologies and their impact on Ethernet Storage –examples include: NVMe & NVMe over Fabrics, RDMA, containers and more
  • ESF members are dedicated to providing the global IT community with vendor-neutral information, education and exposure to Ethernet storage solutions.

What Is the Ethernet Storage Forum?

The Impact of Object Protocols - Alex McDonald, SNIA ESF Vice Chair, NetApp

NVMe, NVMe-oF and Ethernet Storage - J Metz, SNIA Board of Directors, Cisco

Block Storage Protocol Options - Tom Reu, SNIA ESF Member, Chelsio Communications

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