Why Join the Networking Storage Forum?

Join a consortium of leading companies united in the objective of promotingnetworked storage technologies and solutions, and help expand market awareness while receiving a powerful set of benefits for your own company:

Why You Should Join the Networking Storage Forum (NSF): 

  • Speak at some of the most well attended and highly rated webcasts in the industry (average attendance 650+ per webcast)
  • Leveage the broad reach of NSF marketing to complement your company's activities
  • Co-author and publish white papers and contributed articles
  • Leverage the reach of the SNIANSF Blog to speak on hot topics
  • Influence the market through leadership and input into policy direction
  • Be recognized as a leader in the Ethernet-connected storage market
  • Broaden your expertise by working closely with a diverse seet of industry leaders

What Is the Networking Storage Forum?

How to Get Started

Once you have decided that you want to get involved with the work of the Networking Storage Forum,  follow these three simple steps below and if you have any questions or need help along the way - don't hesitate to email nsfinfo@snia.org.

Step #1 - Join the SNIA

If your company is already a member of the Networking Storage Forum go to SNIA member portal and login with your SNIA username and password (If you do not know what your SNIA username and password is, contact your company's "voting representative."  Then from the "Available Groups" list, select the “Forum: Networking Storage” group, and complete the form to request membership in the NSF.  You will receive confirmation by email shortly.  When you do, go to Step #2 below, "Join the NSF."
If your company is not a member of the SNIA, you (or your company) must sign up for SNIA membership. Visit the SNIA membership page and you will find a description of the benefits of joining SNIA. Click on "Join Today"  which will take you directly to the online sign-up process.

Step #2 - Join the NSF

Opportunities exist for participation within the NSF as an individual participant, vendor or channel company member.  Once your application is approved and payment is complete, you will receive an email with your NSF username and password, confirming your membership.
Select one option -Vendor, Startup Vendor, Educational/Non-profit or  Individual:

Become an NSF Member as a Vendor Company representative

There are three Vendor company membership options – voting membership, non-voting membership, and startup non-voting membership. Voting member companies have full rights, including voting on NSF direction and policy. Voting membership dues are $5,000 per year. Non-voting membership dues are $3,000 per year.  
Click here to Join the NSF  and select the appropriate membership option.

Become an NSF Member as a Startup Company representative

Startup non-voting membership dues are $1,000 per year. A Vendor Startup Non-Voting member is a Vendor whose revenue is less than $10M/year and has been in business less than 4 years.

Click here to Join the NSF  and select the appropriate membership option.

Become an Individual Member

Individuals are welcome to participate in the NSF and contribute with voting or non-voting status.  Enjoy the opportunity to interact directly with storage industry experts from other SNIA member companies.

  • Non- voting Individuals have limited access to the NSF private portal and rights regarding posting documents, speaking, and leadership roles within the forum.
    • Individual Membership dues are $100 per year for a non-voting membership or $300 for voting status membership
    • Click here to Join the NSF and select "individual" membership at the bottom of the form.

Step #3 - Get Involved in NSF Programs

Once you are a member of the NSF you are eligible to join our committees and workgroups. All of these activities take place at our members-area operating portal. To access this portal you will need the user id and password emailed to you as part of the registration process.

Within the www.snia.org/members/ page visit the "All Groups" page to see a full list of current workgroups, and committees.  To become actively involved in a workgroup, click the "join group" link near the top of the available groups home page. A join request will be sent to the group chairperson. In most cases you will receive an acceptance notification by e-mail within a day. Repeat this process to join as many of the workgroups as you like.

You may also be interested in leading a Committee, or becoming a member of our Board of Directors - there are many opportunities available to you.

If you have any questions regarding time commitment or expectations, please email John Kim, NSF Chair. 
He welcomes the opportunity to address any questions you may have.