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Is iSCSI the Future of Cloud Storage or Doomed by NVMe-oF?

Digitalisation World January 2020
Technology Advances Fuelling a New Wave of HPC Performance DCS Europe July 2018
Servers and Storage Rapidly Adopting 25GbE and 100 GbE Networking SNS International June 2018
Ethernet Powers the New Cloud Storage Network DCS Europe June 2017
Software-defined Storage Gains New Enterprise Converts Thanks to Cloudification DCS Europe May 2017
How Ethernet RDMA Protocols iWARP and RoCE Support NVMe over Fabrics DCS Europe May 2016
Mobile Enterprise Cloud - Beyond File Sync and Share DCS UK May 2015
Weave Your Cloud with a Data Fabric - The advent of cloud brings great promise for IT organizations to meet increasingly demanding business and operational objectives. DCS UK February 2015
Cloud File Services - A common File Services platform across all of your environments, including on-premises private clouds, service providers and hyperscalers (large-scale public clouds). DataCentre Solutions Europe February 2015
Non-Volatile Memory Express - NVMe - Highlights of how NVMe works and its real-world speed capabilities DataCentre Solutions Europe December 2014
Fibre Channel over Ethernet: Hype vs. Reality - Dell'Oro Group shares their expert outlook DataCentre Solutions Europe April 2014
Why the FCoE - iSCSI Debate Continues - Which Ethernet Protocol is Right for You SNS Europe March 2014
2013 in Review and the Outlook for 2014 - A SNIA Ethernet Storage Forum Perspective DataCentre Solutions Europe March 2014
Take Your Datacenter into the Future with SMB 3.0 - A new look at SMB - a first class storage protocol for Windows environments. DataCentre Solutions Europe January 2014
Ethernet is the Right Fit for the Software Defined Data Center - Learn the advantages of Ethernet as software defined netowrks gain traction DataCentre Solutions Europe

September 2013

10 Gigabit Ethernet: 2H12 Results and 2013 Outlook - Creahn Research talks about the three major stages of mainstream 10GbE adoption and makes predictions for 2013. DataCentre Solutions Europe June 2013
DCB, NFS, pNFS and VN2VN - ESF discusses how Data Center Bridging (DCB) makes iSCSI better, why NFSv4.1 and pNFS are so good, and the latest on VN2VN DataCentre Solutions Europe April 2013
Two Hot Trends in 2013- ESF offers insights on consolidation, object storage and 10GBASE-T DataCentre Solutions Europe February 2013

Progress on Solid State, Ethernet and Green Storage- An update on work from some SNIA Technology Committees

DataCentre Solutions UK February 2013
10GbE Comes of Age- by David Fair, Ethernet Storage Forum Board Member DataCentre Solutions - Europe October 2012
Managing iSCSI Adapters with VMware vSphere 4.1
by Steve Abbott, Emulex
SNS Europe May 2011