Join the Storage Management Initiative (SMI)

All fees effective December 1, 2017

SMI Annual Membership Fee

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Member Fee $5,000 US
"Start-up" Member Fee $1,000 US

SMI Benefits include:

  • SMI Membership Voting privileges
  • Participate in building the SMI Roadmap
  • Participate in SMI committees
  • Eligible to Run for SMI Governing Board - (One seat per company)
  • Participate in Market Requirements Process
  • Inclusion in all SMI Program Press Releases where applicable
  • Logo Placement on select SMI Collateral

SM Lab Annual Participation Fee

(SMI membership required to participate)

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Storage Provider Fee (Member revenue greater than $600M) $25,000 US
Storage Provider Fee (Member revenue  >$150M - $600M) $15,000 US
Storage Provider Fee (Member revenue  >$0M - $150M) $11,000 US
Storage Client Fee (Any revenue range) $10,000 US
Storage "Start-up" Fee (Revenue is less than $10M/year AND in business less than 4 years) $4,000 US

SM Lab Benefits include:

  • Access members' pre-release versions of provider software (when made available)
  • Access to members' storage developers through online access, conference calls and and face-to-face meetings
  • Ability to participate in all SM Lab activities supported by the SMI, including all SM Lab plugfests and events
  • Hosting of development program hardware and/or software at the SNIA Technology Center
  • Use of up to two (2) SNIA Technology Center hosted virtual machines for SMI-S or Swordfish development and interoperability testing
  • Remote VPN access to the SM Lab network and vendor-supported devices housed within the SM Lab
  • Access to pre-release versions of the SMI Conformance Tests for "unofficial" testing purposes only. Note this Agreement does not include SMI Conformance Testing Program (CTP) fees.
  • Limited SNIA Technology Center technical support

Conformance Testing Program Subscription Fee (SMI CTP)

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Subscription Fee for SNIA Members $30,000 US
Subscription Fee for "First-time" CTP Participants $15,000 US
Subscription Fee for Non-SNIA Members $35,000 US

CTP Benefits include:

  • Access to the Official SMI-S CTP Tests for a Release
  • An SMI Webpage for the applicant with reference to SMI-S CTP Conforming products
  • Inclusion in all SMI-S CTP Press Releases where applicable

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