SMI Storage Management Initiative (SMI) Membership

Thank you for your interest in the Storage Management Initiative (SMI). To become a member of SMI please complete the form below and someone will contact you to complete the membership process.

SMI Annual Membership Levels and Fees

NOTE: SMI Membership follows the SNIA Fiscal Year, which runs from December 1 through the following November 30. New SMI Members may be eligible for a fee prorate.

Membership (Voting) $5,000 annual fee
"Start-up" Members (Voting) $1,000 annual fee

Note: Only current members of the SNIA are eligible for membership in the Storage Management Initiative.

The person submitting this form agrees that he or she is fully authorized by the Participating Company to execute this Agreement on behalf of the Participating Company. By submitting this application for SMI Membership, you agree to the following:

This Membership Agreement (“Agreement”) covers membership in the SNIA Storage Management Initiative (“SMI”) by Participating Company (“Participant”). Agreement will become effective upon acceptance by the SMI Program Manager and will automatically expire at the end of each SMI Program Year.

Membership in the SMI is on an annual basis and requires payment of an annual fee. Membership fees are posted on the SNIA’s website at and are subject to change without notice. Participant may withdraw from the SMI at any time by submitting a written request to the SMI Program Manager. Withdrawal from the SMI more than one month after this Agreement is accepted will not relieve Participant’s obligation to pay the SMI annual fee. If Participant is also a participant of the SMI-Lab Program, then a withdrawal from the SMI will result in a simultaneous withdrawal from the SMI-Lab Program.

Participant agrees to comply with the following:
1) Participant must be a member of the SNIA in good standing.

2) Failure to pay SMI membership fees, according to SNIA invoicing terms, may result in loss of Participant’s SMI voting privileges, access to SMI meetings, activities and removal of listing from SMI collateral.

3) Participant’s staff is eligible to participate in SMI only while this Agreement is in effect.

4) Contractors employed by Participant are eligible to participate in the same manner as Participant’s staff provided that:
(a) Participant submits to the SMI Program Manager, in writing, that the contractor is under contract with Participant, and that the contractor will adhere to all SMI requirements while participating on behalf of Participant.
(b) The contractor may not publicize any technical results of SMI activities nor forward any web group content, or share SMI web group content, with anyone except as required to meet Participant’s obligations.
(c) The contractor must sign-up for SMI groups using an official e-mail account under Participant’s e-mail domain, i.e.
(d) If the contractor is contracted by multiple Participating Companies, each communication (email, document posting, etc.) related to the SMI must identify which Participating Company the communication relates to.
(e) Contractor may not represent Participant in any official SMI ballot.

The SMI Governing Board reserves the right to limit or restrict access to certain SMI web groups or document repositories. Such groups or repositories will include the word “Private” or “Restricted” in its published name.

Participation in SMI does not grant nor guarantee Participant any access rights to vendors’ SMI-S or Swordfish management interfaces or partner programs inside or outside of the SMI. Please contact vendors individually to discuss their exclusive participation/access requirements.

The SMI reserves the right to terminate Participating Company’s participation in the SMI, for cause after thirty (30) days written notice of material breach of this agreement by Participating Company without cure. Any disputes that arise regarding participation in the SMI or adherence to the guidelines set forth in this Agreement shall be resolved by the SMI Governing Board (“Board”), provided, however, that the Board may not resolve any matter against Participant without first giving Participant thirty (30) days to resolve the problem.

Participant may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause. Notification must be made in writing and faxed or e-mailed to:
SMI Program Manager
SNIA Technology Center
4360 ArrowsWest Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80907-3444
Fax: (719) 694-1389