SSIF Governing Board

Meet the SNIA Storage Security Industry Forum (SSIF) Governing Board, leading a successful agenda communicating SNIA and SSIF member expertise in data/information security and driving new opportunities to enhance security in the storage industry through education and best practices development.


Tony Cox, Cryptsoft  – Chair

Tony Cox is the Business Development Manager at Cryptsoft with over a decade's experience in both the security and identity management fields. He has worked with both state and federal government departments on integration of security technology and public key infrastructure. He has experience in evaluation of multi-million dollar procurement contacts and in the establishment and operation of policy authorities for public key infrastructure for million-plus smart-card token roll-outs. Tony is active in both the OASIS PKCS11 and KMIP technical committees and has coordinated results gathering and presentation for the OASIS KMIP interoperability demonstrations.


Brad Culter,  Hewlett Packard Enterprise – Vice Chair

Brad Culter is a senior design engineer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise with 29 years’ experience creating enterprise class computer products, with 18 years in the high-end servers division. Between 1993 and 2005, Brad conceived, and led teams that built, three different multi-node firmware architectures within high-end multi-computers. He now is architect of a clustered key manager subsystem and of a secure remote enclosure management system deployed within current HPE storage products.  Brad holds 15 patents with 5 now pending. While SSIF is Brad’s first official participation in industry standards work, he is familiar with the pragmatic aspects of effective standards and has created numerous proprietary standards during his product design career.


Sue Gleeson, Oracle - Treasurer

Sue Gleeson is a Principal Software Engineer for Oracle in the Oracle Key Management group with over two decades of experience in the storage industry across multiple vendors including Oracle, Sun, HP and DEC. She has worked on operating systems, cryptographic framework integration and key management and with both block storage devices and file systems. She is active in both the OASIS KMIP technical committee and the OASIS PKCS11 technical committee (co-editor of the PKCS11 specification). She brings experience in security and storage from both an implementation and architectural perspective.