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Storage Security Standards:  What Are They and What Do They Mean to Storage Consumers?

It has long been said that storage is one of the “last frontiers” to be exposed to security.  Post the 9/11 tragedy, there has been a flurry of activity around securing information as it moves, rests, and is archived for the long term.  Several varieties of security technologies have been thrown at this goal with limited market adoption though some of it continues to survive post acquisition and integration into core infrastructure products.  Accompanying the proliferation of technology has been a variety of standards initiatives that are now driving security into the core functionality of the storage ecosystem.


SNIA Security Technical Working Group and Storage Security Industry Forum member Andrew Nielsen, CISSP, CISA, ISSAP, ISSMP, Product Strategist, Security at Hitachi Data Systems, has written this important article on what storage security standards are and mean to storage consumers.

Best Practices for Deploying a Storage Security Solution

In the last several years a number of trends have brought attention to security concerns involving data at rest in storage environments. Billions of dollars have been spent on firewalls, intrusion prevention, and anti-virus solutions, but these systems provide little or no protection against lost/stolen storage media such as disks and tapes and many types of internal threats.

If you are among the many companies undertaking a project to secure your data, consider some fundamental best practices recommended by the SNIA Storage Security Industry Forum (SSIF).

Focus on Storage Security

With security now an activity with joint responsibilities throughout the organization, it is more important than ever to understand and define specific security threats to storage, and to seek approaches that lead to an enhanced security posture.

The SNIA Storage Security Industry Forum (SSIF) brings storage professionals, security experts and academics together in a consortium dedicated to increase the overall knowledge and availability of robust security solutions in today's storage ecosystems.

Storage Networking Security - Part 1

This article series presents one of three Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) booklet tutorials and is reproduced here under special arrangement and the expressed permission of SNIA.  SNIA Technical Tutorial booklets provide introductions to storage technology topics for storage network users. Technical Tutorial content is prepared by teams of SNIA technical experts and is open to review by the entire SNIA membership. Each booklet corresponds with tutorials delivered by instructors at SNW and other conferences.

SNIA Creates Security Best Practices

If storage security is not on your agenda today, it should be. Today’s threats run the gamut from affecting system availability to impacting personal privacy. Attackers are active and the SEC and other regulatory agencies are watching closely to ensure companies are following the appropriate steps to secure information assets.