Guides and Toolkits

We are pleased to provide a number of Guides and Toolkits to assist you in storage security activities.

SSIF Solutions Guide to Data at Rest

Check out the SSIF Solutions Guide to Data-at-Rest, where you'll learn the latest in encryption and key management practices, compare approaches in a capabilities matrix, and examine solutions from SSIF member companies Brocade, HP, IBM, NetApp, Seagate, Thales, and Wave Systems.

Storage Security Professionals Guide

Learn about a storage security professional career in the Storage Security Professionals Guide, which describes the skills and knowledge of a competent storage security professional who is engaged in activities necessary to secure the average enterprise's storage ecosystems.

The SSIF Risk Assessment Toolkit

The following tootkit is intended to introduce the novice to the concepts and practices associated with SAN Security Best Practices, while simultaneously enabling you to evaluate your own SAN security effectiveness.

Requires a JavaScript enabled browser.

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