SSSI Leadership

As a collective Initiative of industry leaders committed to becoming the recognized authority for storage made from non-volatile, solid state memory devices, the SSSI coordinates and conducts education efforts for the vendor and user communities, perform market outreach highlighting the virtues of Persistent Memory and Solid State Storage, and further the development of standards specific to the technology.
SSSI Governing Board

Co-Chairs: Jim Pappas, Intel Corporation and Alex McDonald, NetApp

Vice Chair: Open

Treasurer:  Open

Business Development: Open

Education: Tom Coughlin, Coughlin Associates 

Marketing:  Jenni Dietz, Intel & Tim Lustig, Mellanox
PCIe SSD: Open
Technical Development:  Eden Kim, Calypso Systems
NVDIMM SIG: Arthur Sainio, SMART & Jeff Chang, AgigA Tech
Data Recovery / Erase SIG: Open
SSS TWG: Eden Kim, Calypso Systems
NVM Programming TWG: Doug Voigt, HPE and Alan Bumgarner, Intel
SSS System TWG: Drew Tipton, Toshiba and Peter Murray, Virtual Instruments
SNIA Advisor: Arnold Jones, SNIA
GB Role Descriptions
Chair: Leads SSSI Governing Board, works with GB on vision for and ongoing activities of SSSI
Vice-Chair: Backup for Chair, hosting meetings when Chair is unavailable
Treasurer: Facilitates creation of SSSI budget; monitors expenses & revenue
Secretary: Coordinates outside alliances, meeting scribe

Business Development Chair: See committee description

Education Chair: See committee description

Marketing Chair: See committee description
PCIe SSD Chair: See committee description
Technical Development Chair: See committee description
NVDIMM SIG Chair: See committee description
Data Recovery / Erase SIG Chair: See committee description
All roles may include other duties that fit with each individual’s expertise and experience