Listed below are whitepapers, webcasts, presentations and other relevant materials to quickly bring you up-to-speed on Solid State Storage. Resources are listed by topic:

  • General Solid State & Persistent Memory Knowledge
  • Performance
  • Non-Volatile Memory (Persistent Memory)
  • PCIe SSD
  • Data Recovery/Erase
  • Applications
  • Essentials

You will want to scroll down the page, as the entries in each category are updated on a regular basis!

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General Solid State and Persistent Memory Knowledge

SNIA 5th annual Persistent Memory Summit

SNIA 4th annual NVM Summit 

Solid State Storage Summit  (SNIA Brighttalk Webcast)



Non-Volatile Memory/Persistent Memory



Data Recovery and Erase


Solid State Storage Applications


Solid State Storage Essentials