Solid State Storage

SNIA Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI) is leading the way in understanding Solid State Storage (SSS) and quantifying SSS performance.

Solid State Drive Special Interest Group (SSD SIG)

The SSD SIG provides guidance to the marketplace on solid state drive technology via:

  • SNIA webcasts, videos, white papers, blogs, and best practices documents available in the SSSI Knowledge Center
  • Support and outreach of SNIA Technical Work in Physical Storage
  • Coordination with other industry organizations involved in SSD activities to access additional expertise and to provide a broader industry perspective for our members.

SSSI Technical Development Committee

  • SSSI TechDev is responsible for identifying the technical work that is needed to develop SSSI-related specifications. This committee works closely with the SSSI Education and Marketing committees to drive widespread adoption of solid state storage devices. It also manages the technical aspects of alliances with outside standards and/or industry organizations, working closely with the Technical Council and SSS TWG relative to all specification/standards work.

Solid State Storage Performance

SSSI has developed substantial expertise in the area of SSD performance and behavior. SSDs behave very differently than HDDs, and standard HDD benchmarks will not provide a true picture of SSD performance.

  • The Real World Storage Workload Performance Test Specification provides standardized analysis of in-situ target server application storage performance and standardized comparison and qualification of Datacenter storage when using Reference IO Capture Workloads as the test stimuli in RWSW tests
  • The SSS Performance Test Specifications were developed by the SNIA SSS Technical Work Group (TWG) and define how to measure SSD performance in a manner that is accurate, repeatable and enables comparison between different manufacturers’ products.
  • Testing is done frequently using the SSS Performance Test Specifications. The latest results can be downloaded here.
  • The SSS System TWG, building on the work of the SSS TWG, is developing a specification for measuring the performance of SSS systems.
  • A testing service based on the SSS Performance Test Specification is available. Details on the service are available here.
  • The SSSI Workload I/O Capture Program (WIOCP) collects contemporary I/O operation performance metrics for analysis by SNIA TWGs to gain insights into workload I/O characteristics, key performance metrics, and SSSI design opportunities and considerations

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