XAM Technical Working Groups

A Technical Working Group consists of SNIA Members that are working on material of technical merit for the SNIA membership, that support the SNIA mission, vision, and strategy.  There are currently two technical work groups associated with XAM.

Fixed Content Aware Storage Technical Working Group (FCAS TWG)

The SNIA Fixed Content Aware Storage (FCAS) TWG is chartered to serve as a center of technical activities related to new application-level interfaces for storage of unchanging data (fixed content) and associated metadata based on a variety of naming schemas including Content Addressed Storage (CAS) and global content-independent identifiers.

Software Developer Kit Technical Working Group (SDK TWG)

The XAM Software Development Kit Technical Working Group (XAM SDK TWG) is a SNIA Software Development project adhering to SNIA bylaws, SNIA policies and procedures, and SNIA IP policies. The TWG is chartered to develop SNIA Software which implements current and future versions of the Fixed Content Aware Storage (FCAS) TWG XAM Specification(s), an industry standard for fixed content storage. This software created will adhere to the SNIA Software adoption process and be made available to non-SNIA members.

For more information please contact the Chair

Mark Carlson.

Participation in the XAM SDK TWG requires SNIA members to have signed Intellectual Property Policy agreement version 3 or higher.