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SNIA is committed to delivering standards, education, and services that will continue to propel storage networking solutions into the broader information technology market. As a member of the SNIA, you will be part of this exciting and far-reaching set of activities and initiatives. Membership in the SNIA has tremendous benefits. SNIA is the point of cohesion for vendors, service providers, the channel, and consumers of data storage networking products and services, making membership a key to success in the storage, networking, and IT industry.

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Member Testimonial


"My work with SNIA has provided invaluable experiences for my career development, including access to a broad range of equipment, networking with other engineers in the storage industry, and enhancing my education on storage devices and technologies."
Kevin Webster, Software Engineer, IBM



Benefits of SNIA Membership

Benefits vary by class and category

Of fundamental benefit to all members: The SNIA is the place where members have real time, hands-on input into the development and marketing of the technology and standards that drive the future of the storage industry. This in turn puts members on the cutting edge of the data storage global business marketplace.

Joining the SNIA provides an opportunity to:

  • Participate in Technical Work Groups that further storage technologies and standards and provide a tremendous resource for expansion of your technical knowledge
  • Understand and anticipate future market requirements for SNIA Conformance Testing Program against current SNIA standards, as well as those under development
  • Network with other members and gain access to your peers from across the storage ecosystem
  • Provide your sales and marketing departments with access to the storage industry's leading media and analysts
  • Gain access -and contribute-  to the SNIA's collection of publications, presentations, tutorials, technical papers, and social media outposts
  • Participate in SNIA's SMI-Lab Program, an industry-wide collaborative program that helps companies accelerate the development and implementation of SMI-S based Client and Provider products from SNIA member companies
  • Participate in members-only symposia for Technical Work Groups, Committees, and Forums
  • Receive members-only discounts for SNIA-sponsored training and events
  • Interact with end-users, including SNIA Distinguished Professionasl
  • Access end-user surveys and receive a strategic marketing advantage
  • Drive development of specifications, architecture, and standards
  • Post corporate press releases on the SNIA Web site
  • Leverage members-only reduced lab rates at the SNIA Technology Center in Colorado Springs
  • Achieve professional certification through the SNIA Storage Networking Certification Program
  • Receive members-only discounts to host meetings and events at the SNIA Technology Center
Company Customer, Individual, Non-Profit/Educational Institution Technology Affiliate Member
Voting Non-voting Non-voting Non-voting
Eligible for Board, Tech Council seat Yes No No No
Eligible for Chair of Work Group, Committee Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vote in Board, Tech Council elections and Annual Meeting Yes No No No
Vote for SNIA Architectures Yes No No No
Vote in Work Groups, Committees Yes Yes Yes Yes
Participate in Work Groups, Committees Yes Yes Yes Yes
Right to use SNIA IP Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to members-only Web site Yes Yes Yes Yes
Register for email-reflectors Yes Yes Yes Yes
Discount on SNIA-sponsored events Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hotlink to member company Web site Yes Yes Customer Company and Non-Profit/Educational only Yes
Display member logo on SNIA Web site Yes No No No
Display SNIA logo on member Web site Yes Yes Yes Yes
Listed in SNIA annual report Yes Yes Customer Company and Non-Profit/Educational only Yes
Post company success stories on Yes Yes No Yes
Post company press releases on Yes Yes No Yes

General Membership

Vendor Membership - Leading the Way

Vendor members of the SNIA are industry leaders — driving specifications, architecture, and standards. Regardless of your company’s size, the SNIA has created an environment that encourages cross-company collaboration that enables real solutions.

Vendor membership is open to all storage industry vendors, including OEMs, software vendors, and professional services vendors. Each employee of a vendor company is eligible to participate in SNIA's members-only activities and programs and will receive a password to our members' only site.

Service Providers, Distributors, Integrators, VARs, and Resellers should see the Service Provider and Channel categories of membership. For more information on vendor pricing information visit the pricing page.

Service Provider and Channel Membership - Building Value Across the Supply Chain

SNIA recognizes the role service providers, distributors, integrators, VARs, and resellers play in promoting the adoption of leading-edge storage technologies. And our vendor-neutral environment is the ideal place for these kinds of companies to maximize efforts to provide cost-effective solutions to client's data storage and management needs.

If your organization provides managed IT and/or communication services to other businesses typically on a periodic subscription model, including infrastructure, storage and data management,, platform, network, data insurance, and software, the Service Provider membership category is for you.

If your organization offers solutions and professional services for vendor's and service provider's products, including distributors, value-added-resellers (VARs), system integrators, and resellers, the Channel membership category is for you.

Top Ten Reasons to Become a Service Provider or Channel Member

  1. Become part of the leading storage ecosystem
  2. Identify and reach profitable new markets through access to a network of leading storage vendors and end users
  3. Gain professional recognition as a significant contributor within the storage community
  4. Ensure that you offer the right technologies while expanding your customer base
  5. Participate in our work groups and add to your technical expertise
  6. Save money and time by testing your solutions before they go live by accessing the SNIA Technology
  7. Preview the industry’s most exciting developments through involvement in Committees, Forums, and Initiatives
  8. Stay informed and competitive with contributions to newsletters, webcasts on the SNIA BrightTALK Channel, podcasts, and SNIA social media outposts on LInkedin, Facebook, and Twitter
  9. Differentiate yourself and show value to vendors and end users by becoming a SNIA Certified Channel Professional
  10. Learn first-hand what end users are demanding from their storage providers via face-to-face and social networking

As a Service Provider or Channel member, each employee of your company is eligible to participate in SNIA's member's-only activities and programs and receive a password to our member's-only site. For more information on channel membership pricing information, visit the pricing page.

"SNIA is the single-stop organization to get a sense for all storage, information management, and data related advancements in the Industry.  If you seek to influence in any of these areas, you should be involved with SNIA."

Jim Pappas
Director of Technology Initiatives
Intel Corporation
Vice Chairman, SNIA

Individual Membership

SNIA's individual members stay current, connected, and marketable. Working alongside industry leaders, individual members have the opportunity to sharpen their professional skills, gaining both technical or marketing knowledge that otherwise could take years of on-the-job training.

Individual Membership is open to anyone who supports the mission and objectives of the SNIA. Individual membership entitles an individual to participate in Technical Work Groups (TWG) and Committee meetings and access the members-only portion of the SNIA Web site. For more information on membership and on dues please visit our pricing page.

Qualifications include:

● Individual members cannot be employees of storage industry companies.

● Individual members cannot be employed by companies that fit into another SNIA membership category (Vendor, Service Provider, Channel, End-User Company).

● Individual members who consult or contract with storage industry companies must waive the IP policy and not participate in TWGs.

Non-Profit/Educational Institutional

SNIA non-profit memberships are open to accredited non-profit institutions to include universities, teaching hospitals, federal/state/local government agencies, and military organizations. Educational Institution is defined as any accredited higher-learning institution. This category of membership entitles faculty and students to attend Technical Work Group meetings, access the "Groups at Work" portion of our Web site, and receive special member rates for conferences. Applications MUST be submitted by a verifiable official of the institution. Student applications are not accepted. Annual Membership dues are complimentary.

Technology Affiliate Membership

A SNIA Technology Affiliate (TA) is a group of MEMBERS authorized by the SNIA Board of Directors in response to requests and market interest, to act consistent with the SNIA’s status as a vendor neutral organization to (1) advance the development and adoption of specific standards-based technologies, (2) promote the growth and development of storage and storage networking systems and technologies, and (3) identify interoperability issues and develop solutions for interoperability.

A SNIA Technology Affiliate is a Technical Working Body consisting of a specifically named TWG(s) and is overseen by the Technical Council to execute on its technical deliverables; and is overseen by the Board of Directors to operate within its charter and resources. The charter of a Technology Affiliate must be approved by both the Board of Directors and the Technical Council. To learn more about SNIA Technology Affiliate, click to download powerpoint.