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FMS Best of Show Award Winners

Leaders of flash memory and solid state storage technology innovation and industry expansion


SNIA Wins the Most Innovative Memory Technology Award at Flash Memory Summit 2022
The Times


SNIA Wins the Most Innovative Memory Technology Award at Flash Memory Summit 2022
The Globe and Mail


Unstructured data storage – on-prem vs cloud vs hybrid

by Stephen Pritchard

Businesses face the need to store ever-larger volumes of information, across a growing number of formats.

“The criteria to consider are the volume, the data gravity – where it is being generated, where it is being used, computed or consumed – security, bandwidth, regulations, latency, cost, change rate, transfer required and cost,” says Olivier Fraimbault, a board director at SNIA EMEA.


SNIA to Deliver Sessions at Flash Memory Summit 2022
HPC Wire

SNIA is sponsoring the System Architectures track, Cloud Storage and Applications, Data Center Applications, DNA Data Storage, Security and Cryptography, SSD Technology, and Sustainability.


Backup maintenance: Five key points to consider

by Stephen Pritchard

Effective backups need to ensure all data is protected, and to track media and software changes. We look at five key things to consider


Storage Certifications to Bolster Your Skills

by Ryan Arel

"The individual vendors-specific certification programs are now compliant with these industry-standard definitions and concepts; as such, the need for the SNCP was no longer a priority," Metz said. "This has allowed SNIA to focus on expanding the online educational library of vendor-neutral materials, such as blogs, videos, webcasts and SNIA Storage Developer Conferences."


DNA data storage wants to standarize
Blocks & Files

by Chris Mellor
The DNA Storage Alliance Technology Affiliate will aim to standardize interfaces, methods, and best practices to create a global interoperable ecosystem from which both solution providers and clients will benefit. A technical group will develop physical standards, logical and software standards and quality standards to ensure the customers get the best systems.


SNIA Persistent Memory And Computational Storage Summit, Part 1

by Tom Coughlin
SNIA held its Persistent Memory and Computational Storage Summit focused on exploring the latest developments in these topics. Let’s explore some of the insights from that virtual conference from the first day.


Twist Bioscience Joins Storage Networking Industry Association
Twist Bioscience

“We are committed to actively participating and engaging with the group as a voting member to help guide the implementation of new standards for the storage industry,” said Emily M. Leproust, Ph.D., CEO and co-founder of Twist.


Samsung and Western Digital Collaborate to Drive Standardisation of Next-generation Storage Technologies; SNIA creates a new Zoned Storage Technical Work Group in support of this collaboration
Data&StorageAsean (DSA)

Through organisations such as SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association) and the Linux Foundation, Samsung and Western Digital will define high-level models and frameworks for next-generation Zoned Storage technologies. With a commitment to enable open and scalable data center architectures, they have founded the Zoned Storage TWG (Technical Work Group). The group is already defining and specifying common use cases for Zoned Storage devices and host/device architecture and programming models.


2022 data storage conference list reflects cloud, flash trends

by Paul Crocetti
Every season is conference season now. Storage-focused conferences — as well as more general IT shows that feature a storage element — include some of the biggest names in IT and SNIA Persistent Memory + Computational Storage Summit makes the list.


Digital Storage and Memory
IEEE Computer Society Digital Library

by Tom Coughlin
Storage and memory technologies are changing to support big data applications. This article by Tom Coughlin, IEEE Fellow and SNIA member, in Computer, published by the IEEE Computer Society, discusses trends in computational storage, ComputeExpress LinkTM, NVMe®, and more with experts from CXLTM, NVM Express®, and SNIA®.


Virtual Roundtable on Storage and Memory

Tom Coughlin, Contributor

A virtual roundtable article on some digital storage and memory topics where I collected comments on trends in NVMe storage, CXL, heterogenous memory and object storage for the January 2022 IEEE Computer Magazine (published by the IEEE Computer Society).  This piece looks at a few of the insights and SNIA mentions from that article.


DMTF Shares Industry Support for its Platform Security Standards

DMTF Announces its Security and Platform Data Model (SPDM) specifications As a DMTF Alliance Partner, SNIA has provided input into this specification to create a common security framework.