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Twist Bioscience Joins Storage Networking Industry Association
Twist Bioscience

“We are committed to actively participating and engaging with the group as a voting member to help guide the implementation of new standards for the storage industry,” said Emily M. Leproust, Ph.D., CEO and co-founder of Twist.


2022 data storage conference list reflects cloud, flash trends

by Paul Crocetti
Every season is conference season now. Storage-focused conferences — as well as more general IT shows that feature a storage element — include some of the biggest names in IT and SNIA Persistent Memory + Computational Storage Summit makes the list.


Virtual Roundtable on Storage and Memory

Tom Coughlin, Contributor

A virtual roundtable article on some digital storage and memory topics where I collected comments on trends in NVMe storage, CXL, heterogenous memory and object storage for the January 2022 IEEE Computer Magazine (published by the IEEE Computer Society).  This piece looks at a few of the insights and SNIA mentions from that article.


DMTF Shares Industry Support for its Platform Security Standards

DMTF Announces its Security and Platform Data Model (SPDM) specifications As a DMTF Alliance Partner, SNIA has provided input into this specification to create a common security framework.