Media Alert: Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and Alliance Partners to Present in the Open Standards Pavilion at SC22

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Dallas, TX., November 10, 2022 - Taking place at Booth 2840 on November 14-17, 2022 in Dallas TX, in the Open Standards Pavilion at SC22: The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis will feature three SNIA technology areas and six SNIA Alliance Partners: DMTF, Ethernet Alliance, Open Compute Project (OCP), OpenFabrics Alliance, PCI-SIG®, and UCIe™ (Universal Chiplet Express™).



Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Dallas, TX


November 14-17, 2022 (Exhibits)
November 14-18, 2022 (Program)


Open Standards Pavilion, Booth 2840. Pavilion demonstrations and white board talks will focus on computational storage, persistent memory enablement, SSD form factors, scalable storage management with SNIA Swordfish™, secure management with DMTF’s Redfish®, power efficiency and sustainability, Ethernet standards, Open Compute Project (OCP) establishment of an open Chiplet marketplace, OpenFabrics management framework, PCI Express compliance and specification, and UCIe technology.

“We are pleased to return to SC22 with an outstanding assembly of the leading technologies and partners in the high performance computing (HPC) space,” said Richelle Ahlvers, Vice Chair of SNIA and Storage Technology Enablement Architect at Intel.  “We look forward to engaging with HPC professionals and providers to discuss innovative solutions to the issues they face today.”

Open Standards Pavillion

The nine Open Standards Pavilion partners will feature the following:

SNIA Compute, Memory, and Storage Initiative (CMSI)
The member companies of the SNIA Compute, Memory, and Storage Initiative (CMSI) support the industry drive to combine processing with memory and storage, and to create new compute architectures and software to analyze and exploit the explosion of data creation over the next decade. 

At SC22, member volunteers from Eideticom, Samsung, and ScaleFlux will demonstrate computational storage architecture and programming standards, transparent compression applications, and high-performance workload acceleration. New standards for SSD form factors, including EDSFF E.1 and E.3 drives, will be shown; and attendees will be able to program persistent memory in live Hackathon sessions.

SNIA Storage Management Initiative (SMI)
At SC22, SNIA's Storage Management Initiative (SMI) is featuring SNIA’s technical experts who will demonstrate implementation examples of the latest SNIA Swordfish™ specification in conjunction with partners from DMTF, OFA and NVM Express. Swordfish 1.2.4a adds enhanced support for NVMe® and NVMe-oF™ configurations, with detailed requirements for JBOF and EBOFs, and NVMe-oF fabric-attached configurations.  

SMI supports the development and standardization of interoperable storage management technologies, promoting them to the storage, networking, and end user communities. SMI includes programs to accelerate the development of technical standards, interoperability such as the SNIA Innovations Lab and SM Lab and conformance through the Swordfish Conformance Test Program.

SNIA Green Storage Initiative (GSI)
The SNIA Green Storage Initiative (GSI) is dedicated to advancing energy efficiency and conservation in all networked storage technologies and minimizing the environmental impact of data storage operations.

At SC22, SNIA GSI is demonstrating next generation SNIA Emerald® Power Efficiency Measurement Tools for storage systems and devices, along with a real-world workload IO capture tool. Next generation tools are based on SPECstorage Solution 2020 and Calypso Test Platform and Suite.

SNIA GSI is seeking event attendees to take interest in piloting the new tools in their labs or operations, as well as capture and provide commercial workloads for industry standards development work.  Willing participants will have full support of tools development teams as well as consultations with industry storage performance experts. 

DMTF’s Redfish is a standard designed to deliver simple and secure management for converged, hybrid IT and the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). Both human readable and machine capable, Redfish leverages common Internet and web services standards to expose information directly to the modern tool chain. Technical work on the Redfish standard takes place in DMTF’s Redfish Forum where they are expanding the coverage of the specification and data model to include datacenter facilities, such as liquid cooling systems and power distribution equipment, in an effort to enable multi-vendor power and cooling efficiency calculations. 

At SC22, DMTF will be showing sample implementations of the Redfish management protocol, showing interoperability among multiple device and system vendors.

Ethernet Alliance
The Ethernet Alliance is a global consortium dedicated to the continued success and advancement of Ethernet technologies. As the voice of Ethernet and the bridge between the standards and end users applications, the organization helps advance the adoption and deployment of Ethernet technologies across industries through market awareness, education, and interoperability demonstrations.

Ethernet Alliance member companies include system and component vendors, industry experts, and university and government professionals working together to take Ethernet standards to market that span from incubation of new Ethernet technologies, and interoperability demonstrations and plugfests, to education. The Ethernet Alliance is the creator of the unique Voices of Ethernet oral history collection, the 2022 Ethernet Roadmap, and the Power over Ethernet (PoE) Certification Program, which provides the industry with an easy and effective method to recognize interoperable PoE solutions.

Open Compute Project (OCP)
At the core of the Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) is its community of hyperscale data center operators, joined by telecom and colocation providers and enterprise IT users, working with vendors to develop open innovations that when embedded in product are deployed from the cloud to the edge. The OCP Foundation is responsible for fostering and serving the OCP community to meet the market and shape the future, taking hyperscale led innovations to everyone.

The OCP has over 300 members, and over 6,000 active participants on its mailing lists participating in over 50 projects. Key projects that will be highlighted at SC22 include Server, Cooling Environments and Sustainability. Within the server project the OCP nurtures the Open Domain Specific Architecture (ODSA) project to create an open market for Chiplets that are assembled to create a single System in Package (SiP). Participation in OCP ODSA comes from a diverse set of over 50 companies across the semiconductor value chain. There are currently over a dozen use case implementations of the latest OCP ODSA Chiplet interconnect physical layer (PHY) specification Bunch of Wires (BoW). The cooling environments project looks to standardize liquid and immersion cooling, and OCPs sustainability project is focused on visibility and metrics that go beyond PUE.

OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA)
The OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) will be demonstrating the OpenFabrics Management Framework, from a client perspective, through to a Gen-Z fabric and CXL-3.0 stubs, using OFMF Agents. The OFA demonstrations will be offered in collaboration with the DMTF, SNIA, and the CXL Consortium.

The OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) is an open source-based organization that develops, tests, licenses, supports and distributes RDMA/Advanced Networks software and the OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution of the RDMA/Advanced Networks software. The Alliance’s mission is to develop and promote software that enables maximum application efficiency by delivering wire-speed messaging, ultra-low latencies and maximum bandwidth directly to applications with minimal CPU overhead.

PCI-SIG recently announced the PCIe® 7.0 specification is anticipated to double the data rate to 128 GT/s (up to 512 GB/s bi-directionally via a x16 configuration). The PCIe 7.0 specification is targeted for release to members in 2025. Read the press release for additional information.

PCI-SIG will host a Birds of a Feather (BOF) session on Thursday, Nov. 17 at 12:15-1:15 pm, “Exploring the PCI Express 5.0 Compliance Program and PCIe 6.0 Specification," presented by Debendra Das Sharma and Richard Solomon. More information is here.

UCIe Consortium
Representatives from the recently incorporated UCIe Consortium will be on hand to answer questions regarding UCIe (Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express) technology, which is an open industry standard that defines the interconnect between chiplets within a package.

Along with its incorporation, the UCIe Consortium recently announced two newly-elected Board members – Alibaba and NVIDIA – that join Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (ASE), AMD, Arm, Google Cloud, Intel Corporation, Meta, Microsoft Corporation, Qualcomm Incorporated, Samsung Electronics, and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company as Promoter members and nearly 90 members. The Consortium welcomes interested companies and institutions to join as Contributors and help shape future UCIe specifications and the chiplet ecosystem.

The UCIe Consortium is dedicated to advancing UCIe™ (Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express™) technology, enabling an open chiplet ecosystem as well as ubiquitous interconnect at the package level.

About SNIA

The Storage Networking Industry Association is a not-for-profit global organization, made up of member companies spanning the storage market. As a recognized and trusted authority for storage leadership, standards, and technology expertise worldwide, SNIA’s mission is to lead the storage industry in developing and promoting vendor-neutral architectures, standards, and educational services that facilitate the efficient management, movement, and security of information.

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