Storage Networking Industry Association Recognized in Two Best of Show Awards at the 2018 Flash Memory Summit

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Awarded for its Innovative Work on Real World Storage Workload Performance Test Specification and Recognized for its SNIA Swordfish™ Storage Management Standard

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., August 9, 2018 The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), a globally recognized and trusted authority for storage leadership, standards, and technology expertise, was recognized in two Best of Show Awards at the 2018 Flash Memory Summit. SNIA's Real World Storage Workload Performance Test Specification received the Most Innovative Flash Memory Technology Award. SNIA was also recognized as part of EXTEN's™ Most Innovative Technology Award - Software Defined Storage.

"IT organizations that are looking to implement new storage solutions want to progress from the standard industry benchmarks to a test suite environment reflecting real world application workloads that can be used to measure and compare various vendor products," said Jay Kramer, Chairman of the Awards Program and President of Network Storage Advisors Inc. "We are proud to recognize SNIA's Solid State Storage Initiative for developing test methodologies and a specification to address the real world needs of the storage marketplace."

"The Solid State Storage Technical Working Group of SNIA took on the task of addressing the needs of customers to have a test suite that reflects real world application workloads," Kramer continued. "We are proud to recognize them for the release of the Real World Storage Workload Performance Test Specification (RWSW PTS) describing real-world storage workload IO capture, characterization, methodology, test suite and reporting format and making these available to the industry."

Most Innovative Flash Memory Technology Award
This award recognizes innovations that will change the way flash memory works and is used in products. The SNIA Technical Position Real World Storage Workload Performance Test Specification for Datacenter Storage (RWSW PTS) version 1.07 sets forth a standardized methodology for the capture, characterization, and test of Real World Storage Workloads.

The RWSW PTS Specification is unique in that it provides a methodology for data center, IT, and storage professionals to capture and use their actual real world workloads to optimize server software and to qualify server storage. The RWSW PTS provides for standardized analysis of in-situ target server application storage performance as well as standardized comparison and qualification of Datacenter storage when using Reference IO Capture Workloads as the test stimuli in RWSW tests.

Most Innovative Technology Award – Software Defined Storage
This award highlights that cloud and other large data centers typically prioritize their selection criteria for storage solutions as those that can achieve the highest possible performance while avoiding proprietary vendor lock-in. EXTEN Technologies was recognized for introducing HyperDynamic ™, the first storage software platform supporting the NVMe over Fabrics, SNIA Swordfish and DMTF Redfish® open industry standards.

By integrating SNIA Swordfish into the EXTEN solution for the next generation data center, end users will benefit from an open storage management standard that does not require learning the intricacies of storage infrastructure to handle day-to-day storage needs that range from simple to advanced.

About SNIA
The Storage Networking Industry Association is a not-for-profit global organization, made up of member companies spanning the global storage market. SNIA's mission is to lead the storage industry worldwide in developing and promoting standards, technologies, and educational services to empower organizations in the management of information. To this end, the SNIA is uniquely committed to delivering standards, education, and services that will propel open storage networking solutions into the broader market. For more information about SNIA, visit

About SNIA Swordfish
The SNIA Swordfish specification helps to provide a unified approach for the management of storage and servers in hyperscale and cloud infrastructure environments, making it easier for IT administrators to integrate scalable solutions into their data centers. SNIA Swordfish is an extension of the DMTF Redfish specification, so the same easy-to-use RESTful interface is used, along with JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and Open Data Protocol (OData), to seamlessly manage storage equipment and storage services in addition to servers. For more information please visit

About the SNIA Solid State Storage Initiative Performance Test Specification
The SNIA has developed methods which enable manufacturers to set, and customers to compare, the performance specifications of Solid State Storage (SSS) devices, which are evolving with the state of the technology. These specifications define a set of device level tests and methodologies which enable comparative testing of SSS devices for Enterprise and Client systems. For more information please visit

About Flash Memory Summit
Flash Memory Summit, produced by Conference ConCepts, showcases the mainstream applications, key technologies and leading vendors that are driving the multi-billion dollar non-volatile memory and SSD markets. FMS is now the world's largest event featuring the trends, innovations and influencers driving the adoption of Flash Memory in demanding enterprise storage applications, as well as in smartphones, tablets, and mobile and embedded systems.

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