pywbem is an easy-to-use open source library written in the widely used Python programming language. It provides storage management software developers and system administrators with a simplified way to access Common Information Model (CIM) objects and operations in Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) servers, such as those found in SMI-S and other CIM-based environments.


Compliant with the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) CIM and WBEM specifications, pywbem is well documented and has been tested with a variety of WBEM servers.

Watch this short video for an introduction to pywbem:


To learn more, please review the following Rapid Overview (Download slides):



Twenty-year SNIA veteran Mike Walker has created a series of videos titled “SMI-S Quick Start Guides” that provides developers using the SMI-S storage management specification instructions on how to mine useful information in an SMI-S server using the Python-based PyWBEM open source tool. Be sure to check this site often for more installments.

SMI-S Quick Start Guide Trailer

SMI-S Spec. Mockups, Installation and Setup

SMI-S Storage Management Quick Start Guide: Interoperability

SMI-S Storage Management Quick Start Guide: Capacity

SMI-S Quick Start Guide: Array Performance

SMI-S Quick Start Guide: Array Software

SMI-S Quick Start Guide: Array Hardware
Available in June 2021

SMI-S Quick Start Guide: Array Product
Available in June 2021