SNIA Emerald’s Newsletter      June 4, 2012   Issue # 3
Emerald Training Now Available to Download

Materials and recordings from a 2 hour training session offered at the January 2012 SNIA Winter Symposium for those planning and preparing to test according to the Measurement Specification are now available to download from the Emerald website:

The session was conducted by members of the Green Storage Technical Working Group and covered the basics of the specification and ways to find the best configuration to use for power efficiency measurements, and the minimum data needed for data submission to the SNIA Emerald™ Program. It is important for developers of storage systems to understand the power efficiency measurement specification and system tradeoffs since the measurement specification is referenced by ENERGY STAR® for Data Center Storage.

This training is oriented toward storage vendors’ personnel who may be involved in planning, testing, and submitting Emerald test results for storage systems to the Emerald Program for publication on its web site.

Work toward revising Emerald Specification tests to better represent actual use

The SNIA Green Storage Technical Working Group is working toward updating the Emerald Power Efficiency Measurement Specification to improve the mixed workload to more accurately represent real-world transactional environments. The new workload profile is intended to replace the mixed 70/30 read/write workload that is presently in the specification. The improved workload will give systems with caching algorithms the ability to demonstrate improved performance facilitated by cache. Please look for the new and improved workload in the next revision of Emerald power efficiency measurement specification.

Information on the SNIA Emerald Program is available at: Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or for more information:

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