Welcome to the inaugural issue of the DNA Data Storage Alliance Newsletter! Advancements in DNA Data Storage are happening quickly and we are excited to share these highlights.

News & Announcements

SNIA Announces DNA Data Storage Technology Affiliate
In June 2022 the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) announced that the DNA Data Storage Alliance had joined SNIA as a Technology Affiliate to begin technical work and standards development for DNA data storage. This Blocks & Files article provides a good overview.
Launch of an Exploratory Priority Research Programme and Equipment for Data Storage on DNA
The MoleculArXiv exploratory Priority Research Programme and Equipment (PEPR), under CNRS is an ambitious acceleration program for new data storage devices in molecular media. Research on chemical synthesis of DNA, DNA coding & sequencing, and the structure of data within DNA will begin at 16 selected laboratories.
Ultima Genomics Delivers the $100 Genome
Ultima Genomics has emerged from stealth mode with a new high-throughput, low-cost sequencing platform that delivers the $100 genome. Advancements in genomic sequencing will drive innovation that will lower the cost of reading for DNA data storage.
Fujifilm’s 12th Annual Global IT Executive Summit 
DNA data storage was covered at this year's Fujifilm's 12th Annual Global IT Executive Summit where Twist Bioscience presented on the latest developments in the field. 

Featured Video

DNA Molecules May Ease Future Data Storage Crunch 
Researchers say DNA can replace hard drives to help store the world’s ever-increasing digital output. Learn how this DNA is synthesized to make this happen.

What We've Been Reading

Synthetic DNA, the Future of Data Storage
Startup company, Iridia, is developing DNA-based memory chips. Iridia's technology is designed to integrate the writing and storage of massive amounts of data using synthetic DNA as the storage media.
Save As: DNA 🧬 Part 1 A Tale of Two Challenges 
With breathtaking strides in writing data into DNA and retrieving it when we want, genetic code presents the most promising solution to our unrelenting data storage needs.
Zettabyte Era Brings Archiving Front and Center 
Veteran storage analyst, Fred Moore, says that we’re entering a zettabyte era of data storage and archival storage will be the dominant technology by capacity.
All You Should Know About the Hard Drive Made of DNA 
Trillions of megabytes of data are generated daily, and that is almost 2 million years’ worth of MP3 music every day. This data has to be stored, and Dr Nick Goldman, a Cambridge UK scientist, is one step ahead, building the biggest hard drive in the world made out of DNA.

DNA Data Storage Alliance Upcoming Events

Flash Memory Summit 2022
August 2-4 | Santa Clara, CA
Don’t miss the DNA Data Storage Track with 7 sessions and panel discussion

SNIA Storage Developer Conference (SDC) 2022
September 12-15 | Fremont, CA
DNA Data Storage Track with 6 sessions and panel discussion

iPres 2022 – International Conference on Digital Preservation
September 12-16 | Glasgow, Scotland 
DNA Data Storage Alliance panel on Digital Preservation