December 2016 Issue

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EPA-SNIA-TGG Industry Stakeholders' Meeting - January 19, 2017

During the SNIA January Members' Symposium, SNIA Green Storage Initiative (GSI) will host an all day EPA Energy Star for Storage Industry Stakeholders' Meeting on January 19th.  Part of the agenda will cover rolling out the new SNIA Emerald Filer Test Methods as part of SNIA Emerald Specification and the EPA Energy Star Data Center Storage programs.    
Planned presentations, discussions, and feedback sessions include: 

  • Overview of the ENERGY STAR Storage Program and other data center programs
  • SNIA and EPA Storage Unit Shipment data collection
  • The Green Grid (TGG)/SNIA Emerald block IO data analysis based on EPA submissions 2014-2016
  • TGG/SNIA Point-of-View white paper on energy efficiency, simplifying test methods and establishing rating criteria
  • SNIA Emerald Specification V3.0 (draft)– Overview and Updates
  • SNIA Emerald File-access test procedure based on SPEC SFS2014
  • SNIA Emerald Taxonomy updates
  • Roundtable discussion on EPA testing efforts to date, certifying body experiences, and public use of test data
  • Discussion on changing storage technologies and architectures and evolving the SNIA Emerald Test Methods

More formal notices will be made by the EPA and by SNIA. To attend, register for the SNIA Symposium and check-off the GSI/Green and EPA sessions. For more details and to join an interest list if you are not part of SNIA Green TWG or SNIA GSI Green email rosters, please contact Dave Thiel.

SNIA SMI-Lab Ideal for Industry Collaboration

Located in the SNIA Technology Center in Colorado Springs, the Storage Management Initiative (SMI)-Lab provides an environment that supports the implementation of client and provider storage products based upon SNIA SMI-supported standards.
With the emerging SNIA Swordfish standard, there is now an opportunity for SMI members to collaborate with the storage ecosystem on the development of both SMI-S and SNIA Swordfish compliant products.
Plugfests that test interoperability of products are an important part of what happens at SMI-Lab. Rob Barker (“Barkz”) of Pure Storage attended the October 24-27 event and said, “I learned a lot about the SMI-Lab setup and how Pure Storage can leverage the Lab with client supporters more effectively. I was able to provide feedback about the virtualization infrastructure PoC and even provide a Pure Storage Flash Array to help the effort.”
There’s a new format for the next SNIA SMI Plugfest, being held January 23 – February 3, starting with virtual meetings and ending with Interoperability Testing Week that is face-to-face. Click here for more details and registration information.

SNIA Recognition Program – Nominate Your Colleagues – Deadline December 9, 2016

The SNIA Recognition Program recognizes outstanding contributions by members and groups who will be honored at an evening reception at the Annual Members Symposium. Please take a few minutes to acknowledge our valuable volunteers for their efforts. The deadline to submit is December 9th.
Nominate your colleague or SNIA group today. 
Past award recipients may be viewed here.

Register Now for 2017 SNIA Members' Symposium

Don't miss the SNIA 2017 Annual Members' Symposium, January 17-20, 2017 in San Jose, CA where you and your colleagues can join together for networking, working group meetings, informative keynote sessions, and other unique programs designed for SNIA members. Attending this event is the best way to find out what is going on within SNIA - its standards, education, and outreach activities. It also offers an excellent opportunity to meet face-to-face with SNIA leadership, Technical Work Group members, and Forum/Initiative colleagues in a collaborative setting. There is no cost to attend.

Visit the Symposium website to register, obtain hotel information, and view the agenda.

Featured Video

Scalable High Performance Flash Systems

Scalable High Performance Flash Systems - Jeff Bonwick
Flash performance is limited not by the media itself, but by the high latency and low parallelism of existing I/O infrastructure. This video describes new approaches to both hardware and software architecture, including data protection, that deliver an order of magnitude improvement in performance over all-flash arrays while doubling flash endurance.
Featured Podcast

New Fresh Open Source Object Storage
Jean-Francois Smigielski, Co-founder and R&D Manager, OpenIO

OpenIO is a new flavor among the dynamic object storage market segment. Beyond Ceph and OpenStack Swift, the product relies on an open source core object storage software with several object APIs, file sharing protocols and applications extensions. Hear about this new approach to addressing large scale environment challenges.
Upcoming Webcasts

Containers: Best Practices and Data Management Services
December 7, 2016
Keith Hudgins, Docker
Andrew Sullivan, NetApp
Alex McDonald, NetApp
Now that you have become acquainted with basic container technologies and the associated storage challenges in supporting applications running within containers in production, let’s take a deeper dive into what differentiates this technology from what you are used to with virtual machines. Containers can both complement virtual machines and also replace them as they promise the ability to scale exponentially higher. They can easily be ported from one physical server to another or to one platform—such as on-premise—to another—such as public cloud providers like Amazon AWS. In this Webcast, we’ll:

  • Explore "container best practices” 
  • Discuss how to address challenges around networking, security and logging 
  • Look at what types of applications more easily lend themselves to a microservice architecture 
  • Discuss which applications may require additional investment to refactor/re-architect to take advantage of microservices
  • Review real-world Docker case studies
Developing Interoperable Cloud Encryption and Access Control
December 20, 2016
Peter van Liesdonk, Philips
David Slik, NetApp
Mark Carlson, Toshiba
For the data protection needs of sharing health and other data across different cloud services, this webcast will explore the capabilities of the Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) in addressing these requirements and show implementations of CDMI extensions for a health care example. 
 See it in action! This webcast will include a demonstration of the results of testing at the SDC Cloud Plugfest for Encrypted Objects and Delegated Access Control extensions to CDMI 1.1.1. You will learn and see:
  • New CDMI features (Encrypted Objects and Delegated Access Control)
  • Implementation experiences with new features
  • Live demo of healthcare-based example

NVDIMM - Applications are Here
January 10, 2016
SNIA NVDIMM Special Interest Group
Join SNIA NVDIMM SIG to learn about non-volatile DIMM applications now available and get a glimpse of the future of Persistent Memory.

Education and Certification

More Study Options Available for SNIA Certification!

SNIA is changing the way study guides and materials are made available. In addition to the standard classroom environment, training materials and study guides are now available via e-book, pdf, YouTube, BrightTALK webcasts, podcasts, printed books and online instructor led courses.
Check out more ways to prepare for SNIA Certification exams:

To date, SNIA has certified over 12,000 storage professionals worldwide through our vendor-neutral certification program.

White Papers and Articles
Featured Event

Persistent Memory Summit 2017 

Don't miss your chance to attend SNIA's 5th Annual Persistent Memory Summit, co-located with the SNIA Annual Members’ Meeting on January 18, 2017 at the Westin San Jose in San Jose CA.  This innovative one-day event brings together industry leaders, solution providers, and users of technology to understand the ecosystem driving system memory and storage into a single, unified “persistent memory” entity. 2017's focus will be on persistent memory applications. Sessions will include speakers from Micron, Microsemi, Microsoft, Symbolic IO, Open Fabric Alliance, SAP HANA, the SNIA NVDIMM Special Interest Group, the SNIA NVM Programming Technical Work Group, and UCSD.  The final agenda will be coming soon!  Many thanks to SNIA member Intel Corporation and the SNIA Solid State Storage Initiative for underwriting the Summit and to SMART Modular and Spin Transfer as well as our demonstration sponsors. Registration is now open - visit to sign up, get hotel details, and learn about additional sponsorship opportunities.
Find SNIA at these Events
USENIX LISA ’16 - Boston, MA - December 4-9, 2016
SNIA Members' Symposium - San Jose, CA - January 17-20, 2017
Persistent Memory Summit - San Jose, CA - January 18, 2017
EPA-SNIA-TGG Industry Stakeholders' Meeting - San Jose, CA - January 19, 2017
SNIA SMI Plugfest - Colorado Springs, CO - January 23 - February 3, 2017
Container World - Santa Clara, CA - February 21-23, 2017
USENIX FAST - Santa Clara, CA -
February 27 - March 2, 2017
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